Health insurance

A basic health insurance for Hungary is a prerequisite for registration at the University.



A special insurance is provided for our students, and its fee is included in the tuition fee.

The insurance is provided by Generali Biztosító Zrt., through our intermediary, Semmelweis Egészségügyi Kft.

The service includes an English speaking call center, GP-service and treatment at the Polyclinics and Clinics of Semmelweis University.

As long as you pay your tuition fee each semester and you are a registered active student, this insurance is automatically renewed until the end of your studies.

The Hungarian health insurance provided by the University is only valid from the date of enrolling at the University.

The health insurance is automatically suspended, if the student registers for a passive semester.

Generali Assistance phone every day 0-24 hours: +36-1-465-3784

In case of accident or emergency please call: 112

New online appointment booking system available here.

Studium Free-For-Service Health Insurance online booking of GP appointments (pdf)


We would like to draw your attention to some information about the University insurance:

  • the insurance is valid when your semester status is active and your tuition fee is settled – once you receive a “fulfilled” indicator in Neptun for the tuition fee
  • in case of any medical problems, you should call the Call Center (24/7) on the phone number +36 1 465 3784 which you can find on the insurance card
  • the Call Center can make an appointment with a general practitioner immediately, and in case of specialist appointments, the request will be forwarded to the Semmelweis Egészségügyi Kft. where the colleagues will contact the student by e-mail as soon as an appointment is available
  • in 90% of cases the first step is always the GP
  • if you cannot make it to the appointment, please always cancel it in time, do not take the opportunity away from someone else or make the doctors wait in vain
  • please pay attention to exclusions that are not covered by the insurance: aptitude test, screening tests, vaccinations, driving licence, pre-existing medical conditions (which you already had before signing up for insurance), etc.
  • emergency care must always be paid for, because there is no time to organise it
  • whenever you buy something that you want to submit to the insurer for reimbursement later, you must always include an invoice – the invoice must include your name and address, a receipt is not enough and you cannot ask for an invoice retrospectively
  • for more information on the details of the insurance, please check the
    Product Information (pdf)