Contact place for in person consultation/administration

If you would like to handle administration in person, you can do so at our counter in EOK. Please use the ticket terminal and wait until our colleagues call your number which will become visible on the monitor.

In person service hours:

Monday:       13:00-15:00
Tuesday:       09:30-12:00
Wednesday:  09:30-12:00
Thursday:     10:00-12:00
Friday:                  closed

Our team (14 colleagues) follow your university career from the entrance examination, all the way until graduation

and perform administrative tasks regarding your educational matters, including:

  • enrollment,
  • issuance of student status certificates and temporary student cards,
  • preparation of transcript of grades
  • Neptun system administration
  • personal and online communications.

We are happy to help in person during our opening hours, or via e-mail during our working hours.

As an organization

Our registrar’s office acts as the Directorate of International Studies in the Division of English Language Programs. 


Semmelweis University Medicine and Health Sciences,
EOK Building (Basic Medical Science Center)
37-47 Tűzoltó utca, Budapest, 1094
1st Floor, room 1.604 a.