The transcript is an official statement of all results achieved through study at Semmelweis University as of the date of printing. You cannot have a transcript until all grades are posted in the Neptun student information system by the departments. It is the department’s responsibility to upload the exam results to the Neptun system.

Transcript requests must be made in writing. Inquiry of requesting your transcript has to be made via e-mail (to your registrar). The document will be sent back to you via e-mail. If you also need the original hard copy of it, please indicate in your inquiry. Processing of transcript requests takes approximately 5 business days. However, during certain times of the year there will be a slight delay, 2-3 days, due to the heavy volume of requests. The fee for the transcript must be paid for prior to the issuance of the transcript(s). Please be sure to allow sufficient processing time for your request.

Please note: the university may discontinue or suspend this service at any time without notice if the fee for the transcript is not paid.

* Dean’s recommendation letter: If you would like to receive a Dean’s recommendation letter the inquiry has to be made at least a week before you need to receive it!