Aptitude test

Our enrolling students of all the three faculties need to get their aptitude test certified in a Health Record Booklet. To expedite the process, we encourage everyone to undertake the following medical examinations in advance, bring the test results with them, and present the documents at the Occupational Health Service (see below).

Required medical examinations:

basic examinations
– Complete blood + urine test
– Chest X-Ray
– Hepatitis B antibody titer
– Hepatitis C antibody titer
additional examinations for Faculty of Medicinbe 5th-6th years (1 month before the rotation starts)
– Stool bacteriology:
   Salmonella, Shigella, Yersinia, Campilobacter.
   PCR – enteropathogen E. coli strains (molecular evaluation of pathogeny markers).
– VDRL (Lures serology):    Serology for Treponema pallidum.

Please download the relevant documents and fill them out:

For medical check up:

The aptitude test is completed when the Health Record Booklet is filled out by the Occupational Health Service.

Availability only on weekdays at 1085 Budapest, Gyulai Pál utca 2., 2nd floor – Szent Rókus Clinical Building

The latest deadline for completing the Health Record Booklet is the last day of the training term before the examination period. (Please note that students are not allowed to register for any summer practices until their Health Record Booklet is completed.)

Should you have any further questions please:


Medical examinations or Occupational Health Service visit booking

Book an appointment in Neptun
After logging in select Administration >> Reserve dates >> Dates menus to list the available appointments.


1082 Budapest, Korányi Sándor utca 2.
Main entrance: 2nd Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
For laboratory tests, please choose the location:

    2nd Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
    1082 Budapest, Üllői út 78/A.
    Szent Rókus Hospital
    1085 Budapest, Gyulai Pál 2-4.
    Temporarily: entering from Stáhly utca, 4th floor room 415.

Miscellaneous information

  • Registration is available on a weekly basis, with new periods opening on Wednesdays while simultaneously closing the current one.

  • Let us hereby relay the message of the Medical Imaging Centre, regarding the professional rules and examination method of the X-rays, needed to complete your aptitude test.

    During chest X-ray, all objects must be removed from the patient’s body, especially metals (jewellery, piercings, lingerie clasps, braces). The removal of lingerie, jewellery and textured upper body garments (frilled, crumpled, adorned with clasps jewels or staples) is needed in order to receive a diagnostic picture quality for the X-ray.

    If students do not wish to participate in X-raying without any concealing garment, we ask that they please bring a simple and plain cotton t-shirt, which they can change into in the dressing room.