Students of another medical university in Hungary may apply for a transfer to a corresponding training at Semmelweis University.

For those who wish to transfer from an ongoing medical, dental or pharmaceutical science training abroad, the regular recruitment procedure rather than ‘transfer’ is recommended due to the usually vast difference between the curricula.

For further details, we suggest to check our yearly updated Rules and Principles for Application and Admission.

Transfer of credits for equivalent subjects is possible after admission by recruitment. See Article 17 [Transfer] in our Study and Examination Regulations.

Transfer applications can be submitted online via SEMAPHOR system from approx. mid May.

The deadline of the application is July 15th of each year. Students are eligible if the conditions for dismissal are not met in the previous establishment.

Decision about transfer applications is made by the committee competent in educational and examinational affairs in the light of the student’s academic achievement and other parameters The number of admitted transfer students is limited by the available capacity of each faculty. If admission by transfer is refused, the student may commence studies at Semmelweis University only after a successful admission through a regular recruitment procedure. If the transfer student does not have a continuous legal relationship until his/her registration at Semmelweis University, then the decision on the transfer application is annulled by the committee competent in educational and examinational affairs in accordance with Article 57 (6) of the Act on National Higher Education.

Miscellaneous information

  • Additional remarks
    Semmelweis University – Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty Council
    Decree of the Faculty Council at the Faculty of Dentistry of Semmelweis University, 45/2020. (XII.09.) of the 2020/21 academic year,
    Regarding transfer regulations.

    At the Faculty of Dentistry of Semmelweis University, the Faculty Council regulates transfer as per the following: students who have successfully transferred from another institution may only commence their studies at the Faculty from 3rd year if they have completed or successfully received exemption of all 1st and 2nd year subjects. This provision is applicable for all dentistry students of the Hungarian, English and German language programs alike, except for applicants who already possess a diploma of general medicine.

  • INFORMATION on the procedure for reviewing applications for student transfer to Semmelweis University Faculty of Medicine (pdf)

  • For any further questions please contact the Admission Team.