Help videos for the Neptun system

a) First steps in Neptun

1. Where can I find and launch the Neptun online interface?

Make sure that the URL (…) and Neptun logo includes the word “Semmelweis”: Semmelweis - Neptun


2. How do I log in for the first time?

For first login: Login: Neptun ID (you can find it in the information e-mail or on your Neptun card) Password: NeYYYYMMDD (your birth date in the above format Y-year; M-month; D-day)
Please change your password after the first login.


3. How can I change my password?

If you are unable to login because you forgot your password, you have to send a request to reset your password to one the following e-mail addresses:,,
The request e-mail should contain your: – full name, – Neptun code, – date of birth and – mother’s name.

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b) Important to know

This section describes the most essential functions of the online educational administration system. So, you are kindly asked to review the information within even if you are already familiar with the Neptun system.
4. Where can I check my personal data and upload additional IDs?

Please note that you have an obligation to update your personal data within 10 days from any change (e.g., expired documents).


5. How can I upload my residency address?

Please note that you have an obligation to update your personal data within 10 days from any change.
Please use your address card as a reference when entering your address. Do not worry if your keyboard cannot type accented letters.
You will need to wait until your registrar approves your data update request before your newly recorded address will become visible in the Neptun system.


6. How can I add my e-mail address and phone number?

We use Neptun as the primary ways of communication towards students. You will be informed through the Neptun system regarding your studies or other important information.
By default, you are provided with a university e-mail address to make sure that you receive our Neptun messages via e-mail as well. We suggest that you check your e-mails at least daily to ensure you get all information in time.
We also ask you to provide a Hungarian phone number, so we can reach you in case of lost and found matters or emergencies.


7. How can I register for the semester to enable subject registration?

Please note that you will be unable to register for subjects until you have registered to the current semester and your status is set to active. This has to be done as the first step in every semester.
If you wish to take a passive semester, we kindly ask you to complete the registration process during the registration week and set your status to passive.


8. How can I register for my subjects?

The video below is just a demonstration of the function.
You can check your first semester subject on the below website:
Medicine Curriculum – 1st year
Dentistry Curriculum – 1st year
Pharmaceutical Sciences Curriculum – 1st year
Make sure to check your Neptun card to confirm your GROUP NUMBER and choose your practical courses accordingly. You have to register to every subject in your designated group. You are not allowed to change your pre-designated group. Please register for ALL subjects, even the ones you intend to request exemptions from.

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c) Navigation (what do you find where)

9. Where can I see the available elective courses?

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the workload caused by your compulsory subjects before attempting to register for any elective subjects. Some elective subjects may have pre-requisites or only be available for higher year students, which you can confirm with your registrar.


10. How can I check the dates for subject or exam registration?

Your registrar will always send out information via Neptun messages regarding upcoming periods but you can check the upcoming periods through the Neptun online interface as well.


11. Where can I check what subjects I am registered to?


12. How can I check my completed subjects?


13. How can I check my averages (GPA)?


14. Where can I check my exemptions, permissions and other official notes?


15. How can I check my messages?

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d) All kinds of operations / actions

16. How can I change courses if I accidentally registered to the wrong one?

Please make sure to register for every subject according your pre-designated group. You are not allowed to change your pre-designated group.


17. How can I upload my banking details?

Having a bank account associated with the Neptun system is necessary for obtaining potential allowances and for reverting money transfers from your collective invoice account.


18. How can I drop a subject?


19. How can I search for a specific subject?


20. How can I change my student status?

We ask that you inform your registrar via e-mail if you wish to change your student status, especially when taking a semester off, or returning from passive status. You can only change your status for yourself within the registration period. After this period, you can request for your status to be changed to passive by your registrar within 30 days counted from the start of the registration period. After the 30 days have elapsed, your active semester can only be changed to passive through a one-time late de-registration process, which requires the approval of the Study and Examination Committee.


21. How can I change my training if I changed faculty within the University?


22. How can I finalise my Student Card application in Neptun?

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