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Dento-Alveolar Summer Practice (1 week)

Please note that this summer practice must be completed before you are allowed to register for any fourth year subjects.

After the deadlines, there is no way to modify your application and registration except in special cases and by the evaluation of the Study and Examination Committee.
You can view the official Regulation of the system of summer internships here.

Dento-Alveolar practice (1 week):

Course description (pdf)

At Semmelweis University clinics

By default, all students are considered to do their summer practice with one of the Semmelweis University clinics.

Please note that the practice has a fee of 40 000 HUF which has to be paid through the Neptun system after being transcribed by your registrar.

No paperwork is needed for application, merely registering for the available courses during the summer practice registration period.

Abroad or in Hungary, at a non-Semmelweis affiliated clinic

To be able to complete your practice abroad, you need to submit an official request according to the following:

Fill out the main request form
Have the Letter of Acceptance filed out by the clinic of your choice
Submit the main request form and the Letter of Acceptance to the Directorate of International Studies by the deadline.
Wait for the decision of the Study and Examination Committee.
Submit the physical original version of your letter of acceptance (mentioned in step 2) to the directorate by the deadline, if not already done so in Step 3.
Please note that in the absence of this, your previously granted request will be revoked.
Register for the “abroad” course in the Neptun system during the summer practice registration period.
On the last day of your practice, ask the clinic to fill out the Certificate of Completion and submit it to the Directorate of International Studies until the last day of the registration period for the next semester.