Rotation (6th year)

Rotation related frequently asked questions

0. What are some most important informations about the fifth and sixth years?

Please allow us to draw your attention to some important duties:

5th year
You must complete 301 credit points until the end of the examination period of your 5th year.
Be sure that you have completed all necessary summer practices, PE courses and they are administrated in your Neptun.
If any of these are missing, the Neptun system will not allow any 6th year subjects and course registrations in the 1st semester of the relevant academic year.

6th year
You must complete 360 credit points until the end of the examination period of your 6th year.
The additional 59 credits are obtained from:
   39 credits – 6th year subjects
   20 credits – diploma work.

6th year rotation:
Please follow one of the four program schedules. You can schedule your exams individually, using the exam dates on Neptun, from the fixed programs. Programs must not be mixed. Separate certificates must be filled for each specialty (e.g. one for Surgery, one for Traumatology etc.). The certificate should be sent to the relevant Department of Semmelweis University immediately after completing the intership!

Keep your personal details up to date in Neptun
Please check the accuracy of your Neptun data as follows:
– Your surname (family name)
– Your first name (given name)
– Your birth name
– Your place of birth (city/country)
– Your date of birth
– Your mother’s maiden family name and first name (BEFORE MARRIAGE!)
Please review the data (letter by letter) to be sure that they are correct.
Please acknowlegde that your degree (Diploma) will be issued based on this data.
In case you find any incorrect information, please report it to your registrar or use the online form created for this purpose.

1. Do we need acceptance letters for Budapest rotations?

You need acceptance letters only for rotations abroad, not affiliated with Semmelweis University.
You can see the accredited hospitals in Hungary in the following table.

2. How do we get permission to do rotations in a country not already approved by Semmelweis? (e.g. Cyprus) :

Rotations can be done only at University Hospitals or Teaching Hospitals of EU countries.
A letter of acceptance must be presented and accepted by the relevant Semmelweis Department(s) before your practice.
The document(s) has to be presented at the Directorate of International Studies 30 days prior to your rotation.
You must attach the statement and competence list as well.

3. Can we prepare and present our thesis work this (6th) year? How much time do we have to finish the thesis?

No, you need to present it in your 5th year.

THESIS REPORT: The Department has to fill it out in 2 copies then you need to hand in one of the copies of the thesis report at the Directorate of International Studies latest by 10 July.

The student must consult with the consultant at least three times:
– first: by no later than 1 October in the final year – The consultant informs the student on the requirements and topic choices;
– second: by no later than 15 November in the final year – The student reports on the work completed by that time;
– third: by no later than 1 January in the final year – the consultant evaluates the results of the student and gives advice on the finalization.

The diploma work has to be submitted at the department by 15 January in the final year in 2 hard copies (or during pandemic only on CD).

4. What procedure has to be done with the Letter of Acceptance, Log Books and Certificates?

The “Letter of Acceptance” must first be downloaded.
The “Letter of acceptance” must be presented at and signed by the competent department of Semmelweis University prior to any practice to be done at an external institution. The validated document should be handed in at the Directorate of International Studies one month before the beginning of the rotation.

You may find the detailed information of the departments on the university’s website, e.g.: departments of the Faculty of Medicine (access to all departments) or in the current Year Book.

5. Is it possible to send the scanned versions of Teaching hospital statements? Will they be accepted?

Please contact the relevant department. If they need the original version of the document(s) you may send it to them via post or courrier.

6. Is it possible to do more than one exam after I am done with several rotations in a row?

Yes, please discuss it with the responsible departments.

7. Can we assume the schedule for next year rotations will be the same as this year?

The rotations usually start around mid July, of the relevant academic year.
The next year schedules will be published in time on this page.

8. When will the 6th year exams be held and the exact dates be announced?

Exams can be done on the exam dates published by the relevant department of Semmelweis University.
In case of any registration problem, you need to contact the concerning department.

9. Is it possible to reserve exam dates?

No, we are not allowed to reserve exam dates, please turn to the departments in this matter.

10. What is the deadline for handing in the letters of acceptance in order to get the 20% tuition fee reduction?

Students who complete all their rotations abroad can ask for 20% reduction of their tuition fee under condition they hand in all the acceptance letters – that first have to be approved by the relevant Clinical Departments of Semmelweis University as well – latest until 15 December, during the Fall semester of the 6th year.

11. Which type of hospitals are approved for 6th year rotations in the USA?

Rotations can be done only at University Hospitals or Teaching Hospitals.
You can find the approved institutes list on this page.

12. Can we begin our rotations before finishing the exams for 5th year?

No, you can begin your rotation after finishing all exams of the 5th year.

13. Can I take exams during the 6-week optional clinical course?

Concepts and rules regarding the six-week optional clinical course of Year 6:

  • The optional course is as important as any other course of Year 6.
  • The practice placement of the optional course must be completed full time (6 weeks, 40 learning hours per week), and
  • the certificate must be presented afterwards,
  • thus, any examination may be taken during this period provided that the above concepts are respected and requirements met.