Surgery practice – 4th year

(4-week long summer practice)


The process

STEP 1 – Be informed

Please read the Dean’s resolution: Information on the completion of practice periods abroad (pdf).

Collect information about the attainable skills during the internship:

SubjectPractical syllabus - Skills
SurgeryComplete the tasks of a general physician of the department (in case of 6-10 patients at least), according to the assignment of the Head of the Surgery Department, under the supervision of a physician of the Department.
SurgeryRecording patient's history, physical examination of the admission status of the patient, writing medical record according to this information.
SurgeryPracticing the physical examination of breasts and the rectum is very important.
SurgeryDeveloping the plan of the examination and the treatment of the patient, in conjunction with the monitoring physician. Ordering necessary examinations (laboratory, radiological, endoscopic, consultation), with approval of the monitoring physician. Monitoring and registering of the completion of these examinations.
SurgeryDefining the necessary medication and other curing, with approval of the monitoring physician. Cognition and applying the Department's commonly used drugs (eg. heart drugs, intestinal motor drugs, antibiotics, etc.).
SurgeryContinuously monitoring and registering of the state of the student's patients (temperature chart, decursus, etc.), referring to the Head of Department in the visits.
SurgeryWriting final report at the patient's leave.
SurgeryPracticing the technique of cupping.
SurgeryInjecting (s.c., i.m., i.v.) under supervision.
SurgeryCompilation of infusion and wiring of infusion under supervision.
SurgeryDefining blood group, compilation of transfusion, cross-matching and biological matching, wiring transfusion, administration, under control and supervision!
SurgeryPractice of the inserting of Duodenum-gavage, nasogastical gavage.
SurgeryPractice of bladder cathetering under supervision.
SurgeryPractice of elastic bandageing.
SurgeryMaking and evaluating oversensitive tests under supervision.
SurgeryCognition and practice of applying test paper.
SurgeryApplying and practicing oscillometry.
SurgeryPicking stitches and chips.
SurgeryCuring infected gashes, changing bandage under supervision.
SurgeryLend a helping hand in chest tapping and stomach tapping.
SurgeryParticipation in endoscopic and radiological examinations, if possible.
SurgeryParticipation in surgical consultations (in the Department and in other departments).
SurgeryParticipation in defining surgical indications.
SurgeryParticipation in operations of the Department. Assistance, especially in case of the student's own patients. Cognition the principles of sterility, sterilization, washing, dressing, discipline of the operating room.
Surgery24 hour-on-call service once a week.
SurgeryExperience the recognition of urgent, life-threatening surgical cases. Cognition of the principles and methods of patient care.
SurgeryParticipation in surgical preparation regarding anesthesiology.
SurgeryCognition and adaptation of surgical premedication, in case of chosen operation and urgent case.
SurgeryInvolvement in different types of general anesthesia (mask, combined, intracheal, intravenous narcosis).
SurgeryIntubation (independent, if possible).
SurgeryCognition of the operation of the anesthetic machine. Monitoring of patient during surgery.
SurgeryMinistration in vein preparation, and in insuring central vein (vena jugularis or subclavia punctio).
SurgeryPractice and evaluation of measuring central vein pressure.
SurgerySucking of excretion from pharynx and respiratory tracks.
SurgeryCognition of the specialities of the surgical intensive care.
SurgeryUsing patient monitoring machine.
SurgeryCognition of the problems of the post-operation-period. Participation in prevention and averting.
SurgeryCognition of the clinical methods of reanimation, participation in practical adaptation.
SurgeryParticipation in autopsy, and in clinical pathologic meeting.
SurgeryParticipation in every professional meeting of the institute, and the department.
SurgeryCognition and completion of the administration of the surgical out-patients consultations.
SurgeryApplying and changing cover band, pressure bandage and vapour bandage.
SurgeryTreatment of infected gash.
SurgeryExamination of anthrax, abscess, phlegmone, panaritium. Participation in the treatment.
SurgeryApplication of tetanus prophylaxis.
SurgeryParticipation in ambulant operations.
SurgeryMinistration in intravenous narcosis, doing it under supervision.
SurgeryMinistration in local anesthetization, doing it.
SurgeryParticipation in consultation of the revision physician


Completing the practice at Semmelweis University:

Register for the course at the chosen department in Neptun.
Please collect the certificate at the end of your summer practice and hand it in to your registrar. The deadline for handing in the certificates is the end of the registration week. Certification of completed famulus practice Surgery (pdf)
Completing the practice abroad:

a) choose one of the approved institutions for your 4-week long summer practice

Please refer to the list of approved health institutions:
List of Healthcare Institutes for Surgery

b) or get another institution approved

Download the correct statement:

Please collect the certificate at the end of your summer practice and hand it in to your registrar. The deadline for handing in the certificates is the end of the registration week. Certification of completed famulus practice Surgery (pdf)