Physical Education (P.E.) exemption request

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Semmelweis University – Exemption From Physical Education (STEFI system)

Please read the policy first:  Rectorial Instruction No. R/2/2022. (VII.21.)
STEFI site:
User’s guide: STEFI_students_guide_20220902_ENG.pdf

About the process

Below you can find a short rundown of the process for acquiring an exemption for Physical Education for one semester:

  1. During the registration period for the semester, register for Physical Education, on the “exempted” course.
  2. A form will become available in the Neptun system (Request for exemption from the subject of Physical Education for health reasons), which you will have to submit before the specified deadline
  3. When accessing the form, a pop-up window will appear with the link to the website where you can book an appointment to a medical specialist for consultation, after submitting the form. This must be done within 3 days of submission.
  4. Once forwarded to the STEFI – Semmelweis University – Exemption from Physical Education system’s website, you will be prompted to upload documents with which you can prove your unfitness to participate in Physical Exemption. The file has to be in .pdf or .jpg format and must be in either English or Hungarian language. It is preferable that the document contains an opinion of unfitness from your GP or specialist.
  5. After uploading the necessary documents, you will be able to book an appointment for consultation. You will have to select the reason for the application: musculosceletal or other issues (concerning internal medicine, gynaecology etc.)
  6. Appointments can only be cancelled until 24 hours before your appointment. Re-booking is only available one additional time in case of cancellation.
  7. At the appointment, the medical specialist will give his/her opinion for exemption based on your uploaded files. No medical examination will take place but he/she may refer you to another medical specialist if he/she deems your uploaded documentation to be insufficient for making a decision.
  8. At the consultation the following opinions may be given:
    • not fit > exempted from P.E
    • partially fit: swimming recommended
    • partially fit: medical gymnastics recommended
    • partially fit: physical therapy recommended
    • fit > no exemption is given and classes must be attended as normal

At the end of the process

  1. If you receive the exemption, no further action is required from you.
  2. If you are recommended alternative forms of exercise, you will have to consult with your registrar about course registration and the department regarding the checking of your attendance.
  3. If you do not get an exemption you will be deregistered from the “exempted” course of the subject and registered for the course based on your study group or your preference.