If you are already a student and looking for tuition fee reductions you may be eligible for, please refer to the Rights and obligations of students participating in self-funded foreign language programs and our FAQ.

By default, Semmelweis University does not offer any scholarships directly but there are two state financed scholarships offered by Tempus Public Foundation:




You can check the available places announced by Tempus Public Foundation for each program as follows:
Follow this link, select the program of your choice, then select the State Scholarships tab.


Please note that the application process is handled by Tempus Public Foundation, therefore, if you have any questions, please contact them.

Semmelweis University only oversees the institutional process / admission around March. If you have any questions regarding this step, you can contact us at


If you are nominated for a scholarship, you will receive a detailed information notice from the Tempus Public Foundation.
You will only receive the final decision regarding your scholarship application at the end of June.

If you wish to apply for the self-financed training of the program of your choice as well, please apply through the SEMAPHOR system.
Please note that in this case, you will have to take a full entrance examination and pay the admission procedure fee.