What is the purpose of an occupational health assessment?

The purpose of an occupational health assessment is to determine whether the employee or student undergoing the assessment is suffering from any health conditions that would rule out medical or healthcare practice placement in their field; whether their health condition enables them to practise the medical activity relevant to their position; whether, due to their physical or mental condition, they are temporarily or permanently unable to perform medical duties; or whether they have a limited ability to perform medical duties as a result of their health condition.

The right to perform medical duties is granted exclusively to those who mentally and physically are able and fit to carry out the given medical duties.
Freshmen are required to undergo occupational health assessment prior to starting their medical activities. Later, students are assessed at regular intervals as required by the provisions of the healthcare provider (minimum once a year).

Where does the occupational health assessment take place?

Occupational health assessments are performed by Semmelweis University Occupational Health Service, at 2 Gyulai Pál utca, 1085 Budapest.

Enter through the main entrance, turn right into the corridor, go straight, then take the stairs on the left to the 2nd floor.

How can I register for occupational health assessment?

Students can register for assessment via our website developed for this purpose: https://aptitude.semmelweis.hu

Available appointment slots, as determined by the Occupational Health Service, are continuously updated. 

A tutorial document is available to help you make an appointment.

What happens during the occupational health assessment?

During the occupational health assessment, you will need to present certain documents and medical findings. These documentations are checked by the occupational health physician, who will take the necessary steps based on the results. Basic physical examination may also take place.

Where can I take the examinations necessary for occupational health assessment?

The examinations can be performed by any healthcare provider in Hungary (either with a referral from the GP or at the student’s own expense), but we also accept findings from foreign healthcare providers on the condition that the language of the findings must be Hungarian or English.

The findings must be presented in printed form, except the ones that are provided by Semmelweis University.

Upper-year students can make appointments for the necessary examinations via the system provided by the University.

Can I get help with filling in the documentation?

The documents are available in English, and they should be filled in as appropriate. The documents can be accessed on the website of the Registrar’s Office.

The forms can be filled in abroad as well (GP’s statement, specialist report if necessary), and they must be brought to the assessment. If you have trouble filling in the forms while abroad, you can ask for help, for a fee, by calling 061/465 3784.

Is it necessary to take a Hepatitis B test during my studies?

Students admitted to the University must present their Anti HBs AB and HBs Ag serology test findings, together with their childhood vaccination records, after which they need not take the test again during their studies. (Except in the case of a needle stick injury, where the training site will take the necessary steps.) Depending on the results of the findings, the occupational health physician will act in accordance with the methodological letter.

How often do I have to take a Hepatitis C (HCV) screening test?

In the case of the students of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the test is valid for 10 years. However, the students of the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Dentistry may perform invasive interventions, therefore they need to take the HCV screening test every 5 years.

What should I do if vaccination is necessary?

If the occupational health assessment confirms the necessity of vaccination, the occupational health physician will tell you what to do.

International students need to pay a fee for vaccination. They can make appointments by calling 061/465 3784.

I am an upper-year student. I can make appointments for the necessary medical tests via the system. Where do the tests take place?

The medical tests are performed at various University locations. Exact information and addresses relevant to the appointment are available on the appointment website.

How can I obtain my Healthcare Records booklet?

It will be provided by the Occupational Health Service during your first appointment if everything is found in order. You will need to preserve the booklet until the end of your studies and to always bring it to your occupational health assessment and bedside practice.

In case your booklet will be filled out by your family doctor, please request an English version of it by e-mail from your registrar.

Who will handle my certificate of the assessment?

The occupational health assessment report will be included in your Health Records booklet, which must be presented, upon request, at the Dean’s Office and the training site.

How can I cancel or change my appointment?

Appointments cannot be rescheduled but they can be canceled. If you are unable to attend a fixed appointment, please cancel it first, and then make a new booking.