Diploma data correction form

Correctness of data on the diploma

Please note that your personal data in Neptun will be reflected on your diploma.
It only takes a one-letter typo to get your postgraduate studies stalled or failed.

A duplicate diploma requires a permission, takes a long time to obtain and has to be paid for.

In addition to your personal details, it is also very important that your mother’s maiden name is entered correctly.
Make sure your mother’s birth name is in Neptune, not her married name.
This information is required for medical registration.

If the information is incorrect, they will not be able to give you a registration number.

Personal data correction form

    Your name

    Your name at birth

    Mother’s name

    Important! In Hungary, the mother's maiden name is required data (mother's name before marriage = mother's name at birth).

    Date and place of birth

    Permanent address