Semmelweis University Organizational and Operational Regulations
– Part III. Student Standards –
Chapter III.2. Study and Examination Regulations

5. Provisions Concerning Student Legal Status

Article 17 [Transfer]

(1) Deadline of the application is 15 July each year, for whom the conditions for dismissal are not met.

(2) The student applying for transfer is required to send by 15 July
a) a certified copy of a sealed course record book or an equivalent certificate,
b) certificate of student legal status,
c) the detailed curriculum of the training they have participated in and the certified course syllabuses of the completed subjects.

(3) At the András Pető Faculty, the application shall be accompanied by the decision on the successful occupational health assessment.

(4) The decision about the transfer is made by the Studies and Examinations Committee in the light of the student’s academic achievement and other circumstances with the exception of the criteria described in (10), taking into account the available capacity.

(5) Students who have participated in (partly) state-funded training or a state-funded scholarship in Hungary at the transferring institution may also be admitted to a (partly) state-funded training.

(6) In the event of a transfer, the university will require information from the Information System for Tertiary Education (FIR):

  1. whether the student has attended a (partly) state-funded or self-financed training,
  2. in case of (partly) state-funded studies, how many (partly) state-funded active semesters have been used by the student during the studies,
  3. if the student’s student legal status is terminated or terminated due to transfer.

If the required information cannot be gained from the Information System for Tertiary Education (FIR system), a statement is requested regarding this data from the donor institution.

(7) If transfer is refused, the student may commence studies at the institution only after a successful admission procedure.

(8) In case of a student applying for a transfer of the subjects completed in another specialization, faculty or institute, the Credit Trasfer Committee shall make a preliminary credit transfer decision taking into account the opinion of the course coordinator when deciding on transfer. During the preliminary credit transfer procedure, the Credit Transfer Committee decides on the credit transfer of study requirements (subject to fulfillment conditions) expected to be fulfilled by the end of the semester in which the application is submitted. In the case of student transfer, credits recognized and completed in a preliminary credit transfer decision shall be deemed to be transferred at the time of the actual commencement of studies without further application.

(9) Transfer to Semmelweis University programs can only be requested between programs of the same level, except for transfer

  1. from a single long cycle program to a bachelor’s program,
  2. from a bachelor’s program or a single long cycle program to tertiary vocational training.

(10) In the cases of bachelor’s and single long cycle programs, a transfer may be requested only between programs rewarding the same level of degree, provided that the student has acquired at least 30 credits in the former (transferring) institution.

(11) The transfer decision shall stipulate

  1. the academic year,
  2. the program, specialization, form of study, form of training fee reimbursement,
  3. and, on the basis of the prerequisite schedule – which includes individual study schedule–, the year (grade),

in which the transferred student can begin or continue their studies.

(12) In the case of transfer to the András Pető Faculty, the applicant can gain transfer to the first year of the self-financed training. The prerequisite for transfer to the specialization is the fulfillment of the conditions specified for the specialization. Transfer from full-time to part-time training is be subject to the conditions set out in the admission bulletin, in addition to the above.

(13) If the transferred student does not have a continuous legal relationship until enrollment or registration, then the decision on the transfer will be withdrawn by the Studies and Examinations Committee in accordance with Article 57 (6) of Act CCIV 2011 on National Higher Education.