Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 07. August 2022
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Student Standards
Rights and obligations of students participating in self-funded foreign language programs (pdf)

Fees and penalties Amount
Third or further exam in a subject
(irrespectively of subject re-registration)
4 000 HUF/exam
Missed exam fee
(if the student is absent without leave)
7 450 HUF/exam
Exam administration fee
(if the student is absent without leave or is unable to provide identification at the exam)
7 450 HUF/exam
Final board exam retake 8 000 HUF/exam
Delayed fulfillment of tasks related to study affairs / missed deadline
(in particular but not limited to: late enrollment, late registration, subject/course registration
after registration period, withdrawal of subject registration after deadline, changing course
after registration period, etc.)
6 000 HUF/occasion
Deferral of thesis submission or
late submission of the thesis
3 500 HUF/for the first two weeks
2 500 HUF/for every week thereafter
Post-term examination
(with permission of the Academic and Examination Committee, EOAY not included)
7 450 HUF/exam
Student ID Card sticker replacement 3 500 HUF
Student ID Card replacement 4 000 HUF
Transcript (in any language) first in each semester: free of charge
further: 2 500 HUF
Transcript (in Hungarian, for Immigration Office) free of charge
Diploma replacement 10 000 HUF
Diploma copy (authenticated)

4 000 HUF
(in English)
5 000 HUF
(in German/Hungarian)

Diploma supplement replacement or authenticated copy 500 HUF/page
Any certificate issued after termination of student status 5 000 HUF
Training related document in English issued after termination of student status
or beyond legal obligations

(e.g. curriculum, syllabus, certificate of practice)
500 HUF/page
Certificate of grades of final exams in English first: 5 000 HUF
further: 3 000 HUF
Certificate of grades of final exams in German/Hungarian first: 6 000 HUF
further: 3 000 HUF
Recommendation letter up to 5 000 HUF