Public health supervisors deal with epidemiological tasks consisting of the organization of public health investigations and the analysis of data collected during the investigations. They are also actively involved in planning, organizing, realizing and evaluating health promotion campaigns. 

Students will learn how to perform public health related municipal activities and carry out municipal supervision based on current regulations. They will get an insight into the complex procedure of initiating, planning and managing epidemiological tasks, as well as analyzing, interpreting, using and applying the results of epidemiological examinations. During the 4 years of the program, students will master a comprehensive approach to health promotion by acquiring thorough theoretical knowledge and practical skills in a wide range of disciplines, including microbiology, epidemiology, toxicology, food safety and environmental health.

Length of studies: 4 years/8 semesters
Degree: B.Sc.
Entrance requirements: Successful completion of a Biology and an English language test

Career opportunities: Regional institutes of public health administration, Hospital hygiene, Industrial and agricultural hygienic inspectors, Multinational companies, Health Insurance, Occupational Health, Health Promotion Consultant, Lifestyle Advisor