STUDENT AND CREDIT TRANSFER to Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical sciences Programs

Students of another medical university in Hungary may apply for a transfer to a corresponding training at Semmelweis University. For those who wish to transfer from an ongoing medical, dental or pharmaceutical science training abroad, the regular recruitment procedure rather than ‘transfer’ is recommended due to the usually vast difference between the curricula, although transfer of credits for equivalent subjects is possible after admission by recruitment. Read more →

STUDENT AND CREDIT TRANSFER to Health Sciences Programs

Students who have successfully pursued studies at other accredited universities (in Hungary or abroad) can apply for admission without being obliged to take an entrance examination, though they can be asked to take an English test to prove their language levels in case the language of their program is not English. Subjects of previous studies with identical or at least 75% similar content to the subjects included in the curriculum of Semmelweis University Faculty of Health Sciences can be accredited, meaning that admission to an upper year might be possible.

Transfer students are required to prove their current student status and previous study results. The previous study results will be examined by Semmelweis Credit Transfer Committee. On the basis of this examination it will be decided how many of the previously completed subjects get accredited, and in which year the applicant can start his/her studies. Read more →