Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship

Stipendium Hungaricum is the most prestigious higher education scholarship program of the Hungarian Government. It’s mission to attract top foreign students from all around the world who can establish personal and professional attachments to Hungary while enjoying high quality education in the heart of Europe. Apart from the tuition-free education, the Program provides monthly stipend, medical insurance and housing allowance for the scholarship holders.

The program is based on bilateral educational cooperation agreements signed between the Ministries responsible for education in the sending countries/territories and Hungary. Currently more than 50 Sending Partners are engaged in the program across 4 different continents.

This scholarship offers a wide range of courses for international students of excellent academic track record.  Students can apply for study programs at bachelor, master and doctoral level, and preparatory courses as well.

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Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship

The Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship was established by the Hungarian Government for those who live in a Hungarian diaspora outside of Europe and wish to study at a Hungarian higher education institution to develop their personal, professional and cultural relations to Hungary. Applications can be submitted to a number of Hungarian and foreign language study programs launched within the framework of the Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship. 

The operation of the Scholarship Program is controlled by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade and is managed by Tempus Public Foundation. The geographical scope of the program is: every country in the world, except for the countries of the European Union, the Republic of Serbia and the Zakarpatska Oblast part of Ukraine.

Students can apply for study programs at bachelor, master, one-tier master, doctoral level and for non-degree programs (preparatory and specialisation courses) as well.

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