Education built on 250 years of tradition

Building on its 250 years of tradition, Semmwelweis University delivers innovative and rigorous medical, dental, pharmaceutical, health and conductive education for future physicians, researchers, and other health care professionals. Offering programs in three languages (English, German, and Hungarian) at six faculties, the University has a truly international community with a vibrant student life, a third of our students come from 5 continents of the world. The number of our students is over 15.000 and is constantly growing. According to the ranking results Semmelweis University is in the first 2.5% among the 28,000 universities of the world.

Patient care on the highest level of progressivity

Patient care is an integral part of education and research. As the largest health care service provider in Hungary, the University’s hospitals and clinics, which cover the health care needs of approximately 5% of the Hungarian population. University clinics are places of practical education, but they also operate according to the highest level of progressivity, thus, during clinical practices, students may encounter such rare cases that they would not have the opportunity to deal with elsewhere. Read more →

research with discovery and innovation at its heart

Beyond teaching and learning, the University’s impact extends to research, with discovery and innovation at its heart, responding to the world’s greatest challenges in the field of medicine and health sciences. Traditional areas of research such as cardiology, oncology, neurosciences, molecular and translational medicine along with pharmaceutical research are supported and complemented by innovative disciplines like artificial intelligence, translational biotechnology, big data and regenerative medicine using cutting-edge technology. Read more →


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