More than 250 years ago, on November 8, 1770, at 8 a.m., the first academic year of Semmelweis University was opened. Nowadays, the opening event takes place at the very beginning of September and according to tradition, the university’s leadership enters the event in ceremonial robes escorted by the national and university flags and the golden scepter made in 1772. 

First-year students of all faculties take part in the ceremony, who take their solemn oath in Hungarian, English and German. The families of newly admitted students are welcome to attend the opening. During the event, leaders and student representatives welcome the newcomers, and at the end of the ceremony, every year the Medic Orchestra, formed by university students, performs a classical piece.

Newly admitted students are notified in August of the exact time and place of the university’s opening ceremony, and what information they may need to provide in advance to participate.

Watch this jaunty video about the university’s regalia: the gowns, the scepter, and the chain.




Words of the solemn oath:

I … [name of the student]…, student of Semmelweis University promise under oath that I will always respect the Hungarian people and the Fundamental Law of Hungary. I promise that I shall acknowledge and respect the traditions and the ethical and professional prestige of Semmelweis University and the Faculty chosen by me.

I promise that my attitude will be worthy of my future profession and I will abide by the laws and university regulations and lead my university life acknowledging this responsibility. I will keep the secrets of the fellow humans that I learn about in the course of my studies. I promise solemnly that I will cooperate with the professors, teachers, fellow students and everyone I get in contact with at the University based on mutual respect and I will act with understanding and respect toward them.

I will pursue my studies with full sense of responsibility to prepare myself to the best of my abilities for all my duties and obligations in my profession so as to be able to serve with my knowledge the progress of mankind.

I herebly solemnly swear on my conscience and honor that I will keep these promises! So help me God!