Freshers’ Meet

Every year at the Center for Theoretical Medicine (EOK) there is a joyful event that starts with a quiz and a playful introduction. Freshers’ Meet is the first event where newly admitted students can get to know each other after the entrance exam result announcement. During the afternoon, freshmen can gain an insight into the everyday life of the university. Representatives of the Students’ Union (HÖK) also introduce themselves and answer all questions, passing on a lot of useful information to their fellow students.

Freshers’ Camp

The Freshers’ Camp at Semmelweis University is held every year in mid-August in the picturesque small town, Tata. Thanks to the long camp, many friendships are already born here that can accompany you for a lifetime. Newly admitted students will receive an invitation from the camp organizers and a Freshman News together with the first information letter sent out by the University. (Freshers’ News can be accessed by clicking here.) The invitation includes important details about the camp, how to apply, and the contact information of camp organizers and faculty leaders who can be reached at any time if questinos arise about the camp. During the camp’s Forum Day, you could also get to know the Rector, the Deans and some of your future teachers.

Freshman Ball

The Freshman Ball will be opened by a solemn waltz of the newly admitted students. Every freshman has the opportunity to experience the transformation of the Theoretical Block at Nagyvárad Square into a magical place.  Several well-known bands and DJs create the necessary atmosphere.

The University has various student groups, each of which organises a variety of scientific, cultural, and sporting events. The Students’ Union (HÖK), primarily involved in representing interests, also takes an active role in organising a number of different events. Read more →