The Students’ Union (HÖK)

The Students’ Union ensures that the interests of the university’s students are represented on all platforms. The elected members of the Students’ Union participate in the meetings of the Senate where they represent the students’ academic and social interests. Apart from the representation of students’ interests, the Students’ Union actively participates in the organization of events, such as the pool party, the ice carnival and the International Semmelweis Carnival.

International Students’ Committee

International Students’ Committee is a new division of the Students’ Union in charge of international students’ affairs. Their goal is to develop and improve the  students’ lifestyle at the University and try to solve the problems international students might be facing. There are different committees at the Students’ Union and members of the various committees and the International Students’ Committee work in parallel to provide assistance to International Students’ needs in each and every aspect. Read more about the International Students’ Committee (ISC) →

The Students’ Union maintains a public register of self-active groups for university citizens.

In addition to student events, you can find other university events, scientific programs and invitations to sporting events in the university’s Event Calendar.

Semmelweis Alumni

Since the introduction of the English Language Program, several thousand foreign students have studied and graduated at Semmelweis University. These students have come from almost every corner of the world, adding a unique international character to our university. Thanks to the university’s solid international reputation and to our ongoing strive to enhance the quality of education foreign nationals show a steady interest in studying at Semmelweis University. Semmelweis University has decided to set up the Semmelweis Alumni Association (SAA) to:

  • keep regular contact with former students, provide a database for former students to reach each other,
  • provide information about important events at Semmelweis University,
  • provide information on the possibility to participate in residency and specialty training,
  • organize alumni reunions in the future.