Optometrists use their knowledge in optics, optometry and their specialized practical skills to conduct the examination and correction of the eye independently and prescribe optical aids (eyeglasses, contact lenses) to obtain optimal visual acuity in patients.

During the 4-year program, students will learn to estimate the refractive medium, refractive ability, errors of refraction, the way eye muscles function, and the various forms of heterophoria and convergence. They will get to practice how to examine binocular vision and different parts of the eye, how to estimate and measure ocular tension as well as other parameters and functions. Optometry students will be able to use their nursing and communication skills in their daily activities by interacting with patients and by finding ways to improve and preserve the vision of individuals, communities and the population as a whole. As part of their clinical education, students will be able to diagnose and evaluate the disorders of the eye in a multidisciplinary context and will be able to provide professional care, assistance and support.

Duration of the program: 4 years/8 semesters
Degree: B.Sc.
Entrance requirements: Successful completion of a Biology and an English language test

Career opportunities: Optic Shops, Outpatient Ophthalmologic Clinics and Hospitals, Optical Products and Project Management, Ophthalmologic Diagnostic Laboratories, Ophthalmic Assistance, Ophthalmic Research Projects