Dear Students,

Your one-week vascular surgery practice starts with a short briefing at 8 am on Monday (or the first workday of the week if Monday happens to be a holiday). Gathering in the basement lecture room at Városmajor Heart and Vascular Center (68 Városmajor str.).
You can download your students’ contract and other documents necessary for your practice here: Students’ contract must be completed and signed by you. Part of the contract is the completion certificate. It must be signed by the tutor everyday. You have to submit your fully signed contract to the Secretariat of Department of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery (1st floor, room 123.) on the last day of your practice. Please note that we can certify your practice in Neptun only when we get your completed documents.
We can provide white coats (you may also use your own) and lockers (4-5 persons per locker due to lack of space). Receipt of borrowed white coats must be submitted along with the students’ contract on the last day of your practice.
Practice locations:
– operating room
– ward (1st or 2nd floor vascular surgery ward)
– outpatient clinic
– ultrasound lab
– angio lab
For optimalization purposes we created a schedule of locations (download: You may switch locations but you ought to show up at every practice location during the week.

You get in contact directly with patients in ward and at outpatient clinic. Your aim is to recognise symptoms, complaints, several lesions and also to produce a correct patient examination. You can experience patients’ general state of health, as well as the complications of vascular interventions.

In the operating room you will be able to develop an overall image about what reconstructions can be done under specific anatomical conditions; you’ll see real vessels, real vascular suture, types of grafts we use, endarterectomy, plaque.

In the angio lab you will get to know the basics of the most important imaging diagnostics method. You’ll be able to tell the benefits and disadvantages of DSA compared to other imaging methods, the tools necessary for these examinations, the types of interventions done here, and types of complications that might occur.

Ultrasound is one of the most important non-invasive examination which – in the hands of an expert – can provide crucial informations on the vessels for treatment or further diagnostics. You get detailed explanation and help from the sonographer and a radiologist in the lab.

Your schedule comes with a map which will help you find the above mentioned locations. During your practice at our Clinic you must be aware of and must obey to the fire and labour safety regulations and radiaton protection regulations.


  • On each day of your practice you must have the signature of your tutor on your completion certificate.
  • Practice starts at 7 am for students scheduled to the ward.
  • Practice starts at 8.30 am for students scheduled to other locations.
  • Absence on any day of practice must be replaced. In this case please contact Dr. Péter Banga.
  • On the last day of your practice you have to take back your borrowed white coat. You’ll get your receipt which you have to submit along with the fully signed contract to the Secretariat of the Department (1st floor, room 123.).

We wish you to be enriched with knowledge and useful information during your time with us.

Doctors and teachers of Department of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery