Themes to Cardiology – Angiology

Vascular Surgery, Intervention Radiology, Endovascular Angiology


  1. Diagnosis and treatment of Aortic dissection.
  2. Clinical appearance and diagnosis of lower limb peripheral arterial disease.
  3. Conservative therapy of peripheral arterial artery disease.
  4. Clinic appearance and diagnosis of Deep vein thrombosis.
  5. Conservative therapy of Venous thrombosis. Possible late complications.
  6. Basic vascular surgery techniques and intravascular implants.
  7. Open surgical and hybrid treatment of occlusive arterial disease.
  8. Open surgical and hybrid treatment of dilated forms of arterial diseases (abdominal, thoracic and limb aneurysms).
  9. Surgical treatment of venous diseases.
  10. Basic endovascular techniques.
  11. Endovascular interventions in vascular diseases.
  12. Endovascular interventions in venous diseases.
  13. Theory and practical application of extracorporeal circulation.