Graduates of the B.Sc. Nursing programme can go on with their studies in the master programme. The M.Sc. programme aims at training professionals who have thorough knowledge of the operation of the domestic health care system and the developmental opportunities concerning society, who participate in solving the scientific problems of nursing. M.Sc. graduates can conduct research projects in their professional field and initiate the adaptation of findings into practice. Completing the master programme, nurses are able to work independently, define problems, priorities and goals concerning public health, and fulfill tasks of resource management. Graduated master nurses can continue their studies in the Ph.D. programme.

Minimum of admitted applicants: 15

Length of studies: 4 semesters, 120 credits

Degree: M.Sc.

Entrance requirements: applicants must successfully complete a language test in English and conduct a personal interview.

Specialization: Community Health Nursing (APN)

Major curricular components: Health promotion-Health education, Health Informatics, Chronic Diseases, Family planning, Antenatal care, Preventive Pediatrics, Multiculturalism-Transcultural Nursing, Place and Relationships of the APN in the Healthcare, Complex Rehabilitation, Pharmacology, Scientific Research and Biostatistics, Acute diseases, Clinical Diagnosis and Decision Making, Clinical Practice, Community Nursing – Modern Nursing Interventions, ECG basics, Communication in Health Care, Health Care Management – Project Management, Healthcare Law, Nursing Management and Leadership, Health ethics, Nursing Ethics, Community Project Practice, Nursing Education in Clinical Practice

Career opportunities: Primary Care, Specialized Care, Educational Institutions, Local Government, Media, Prevention, Insurance Company, Commercial Enterprises.