Dr. István Antal
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Dean

Professional qualifications and academic degree

Pharmacist (Semmelweis Medical University, 1987);
Specialist Pharmacist, Pharmaceutical Technologist (OPSB, 1992);
Ph.D. (Semmelweis Medical University, 1995);
Dr. habil. PH.D. (STSE, 2003) PH.D. (STSE, 2003)

Professional experience

  • Semmelweis University, Faculty of Pharmacy, Dean (2020-)
  • Semmelweis University, Department of Pharmaceutics, Director (2014-)
  • Semmelweis University Faculty of Pharmacy, Deputy Dean (2007-2020)
  • Semmelweis University Department of Pharmaceutics, Acting Director (July 2003 – July 2004) and Deputy Director (August 2004 – July 2014)
  • Semmelweis Medical University Department of Pharmaceutics, assistant professor (1990-1995), assistant professor (1995-1998), associate professor (1998-)
  • Fellowship of the the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (1987-1990)
  • Kőbánya Pharmaceutical Factory, pharmacist (1987)

Educational activities
Courses at Semmelweis University’s Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences: Pharmaceutical Technology; Biopharmaceutics; Industrial Pharmaceutical Technology; Drug Innovation and Licensing; Patient-Centred Drug Delivery Systems; Veterinary Pharmaceuticals; Clinical Pharmacokinetics and Biopharmaceutics

Course at the Faculty of Information Technology and Bionics of Pázmány Péter Catholic University: Drug Delivery Systems

Other educational activities
Thesis supervision; Students’ Scientific Association supervision; Opponent; Ph.D. supervisor and advisor (1999-): 12 doctoral students (degree: 12 students); admission and final examination committee member; preparation and examination for professional examinations; course lectures

Organizational functions at the university

  • Faculty Grants Steering Committee, Secretary (1992-1997)
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences Doctoral Program Council, Secretary (1993-1999)
  • Doctoral School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Secretary (1999-) and Program Leader (2005-)
  • Faculty Credit Transfer Committee, Chair (2004-2020.09.)
  • Deputy Dean (2007-2020)

Main research areas
Patient-centred drug formulations, drug technology, drug formulation design, mathematical modelling, experimental design, NIR spectroscopy, modified release, biopharmaceutics, in vitro-in vivo correlation.

Publication activity

  • international journals: 105
  • national journals in foreign languages: 6, in Hungarian: 51
  • 2 books
  • 2 edited books
  • 5 book chapters
  • 21 extended conference publications
  • 6 patents or invention applications
  • 10 university notes

∑IF:256,828; number of independent citations: 2267; Hirsch index = 24

List of Dr. István Antal’s publications in the Hungarian Database of Scientific Works

Other research and development activities

  • development of a sustained-release tablet formulation (FDA Approval: 2016)
  • 5 operational formulation development (3 marketing authorizations)

Study tour:

  • Sterling Health R&D Center, Princeton, NJ, USA (May 1992);
  • Röhm GmbH, Darmstadt, Germany(March 2000);
  • Glatt Technology Training Centre (TTC), Binzen, Germany (September 2006, September 2007)

Professional activities, memberships

  • Hungarian Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Technology Chapter
    • Secretary (1991-2004)
    • Vice-President (1991-1991)
    • President (2009-2016)
  • Member of the International Relations Committee of the Hungarian Chamber of Pharmacists (1996-1998)
  • Member of the Professional College of Pharmaceutical Supply(2001-2004)
  • Member of the Pharmaceutical Professional College (2004-2010)
  • President of the Industrial Pharmacy Chapter of the Professional College (2011-2015)
  • Member (1999-) and Secretary (1999-2002) of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Complex Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • Member of the Hungarian Society of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology (2005-)
  • National Association of Hungarian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, invited member (2015-)

Journal editing

  • Member of the Editorial Board of Pharmacy (2001-2004, 2009-2016)
  • Eur J Pharm Sci Supplement (May, 2005) Guest Associate Editor
  • Acta Pharm. Hung. Invited member of the Editorial Board (2019-)

Language skill

Medium level state language examination in English wiht specialization(1986);
Basic state language examination(1990)


  • Mozsonyi Sándor Foundation, educator category, 1st prize (1993);
  • Rector’s Commendation (Semmelweis University, 19941994);
  • MTA Bolyai János Research Fellowship (1998-2001);
  • MTA Bolyai János Research Fellowship Certificate of Appreciation (2002);
  • Distinguished University Employee (2003);
  • Outstanding Educator of the Students’ Scientific Association(2005);
  • AESCULAP Foundation Research Prize (2006);
  • Outstanding Educator of Semmelweis University (2010);
  • Hintz György Memorial Medal (2017)
  • Outstanding PhD Lecturer at Semmelweis University (2018)
  • Gedeon Richter Memorial Medal and Award (2023)