The University has various student groups, each of which organises a variety of scientific, cultural, and sporting events. The Students’ Union (HÖK), primarily involved in representing interests, also takes an active role in organising a number of different events.

News about community and student life is available on the University’s website.

Cultural Events

Semmelweis Spring Festival

At the two-day spring event the talents of different fields of art compete with each other at various competitions (at the Virtuoso Competition, the Dance Competition, the Poetry Recitation Contest, or at the Literary Competition). For all those who are curious about the winners, we recommend the closing event, the Charity Gala.

Semmelweis Carnival

The aim of the program is to bring students of different nationalities from the university closer together. Several student organizations are working together to organize the university’s spring multicultural event. At its accompanying event, the Food Festival, 20 different countries present their national dishes year after year.

Semmelweis Matiné

Organized by the Students’ Union (HÖK), Semmelweis Matiné is an outdoor event where interactive outdoor games, sporting events, prize draws and quizzes and a mini buffet await the audience. It is a great opportunity to meet students from other faculties, play sports or chat with newly met fellow students.

Medic Orchestra

Mainly students of Semmelweis University play in the Medic Orchestra, but besides them, students of other Hungarian higher education institutions (BME, BCE, BGF, ELTE) are involved as well. The orchestra regularly performs individual concerts, but is also a frequent participant in university events.

Sport Events

The University’s health education program is made even more colourful by student sporting events, which are organised by the sports committees of the University’s Students’ Union (HÖK).

The University Sport Day, open to students from all five faculties, is held at the Sports Grounds on Zágrábi Street. The full day of team competitions closes with a Hungarian cookout. The Medic Cup is a three-day event for medical students in Hungary and is organised in a different university town each year. Semmelweis University’s Water Polo Club has been garnering increasing attention, attracting a large student fan base to their open matches.

The Pool Party is in every September where, in addition to swimming, participants can also enjoy a variety of social games. Other popular events are the Football Tournament and the NET Running, both held in the autumn and spring of each year. The brave competitors of the latter event pit themselves against the stairs of the 22-storey NET building. The most significant winter event is the Semmelweis Ice Carnival, during which participants can skate for free on the skating rink.

Scientific Events

Students represent the University at several national and international scientific events. Those involved in scientific work have the opportunity to showcase their knowledge at the annual Students’ Scientific Association (TDK) Conference, while many of the University’s exceptional students participate in the National Council of Student Research Societies (OTDT) Conference, organised at a different Hungarian higher educational institution each year.
The Korányi Frigyes Scientific Forum, organised by the Korányi Frigyes College for Advanced Studies, also gives students a chance to present their scientific work.

Semmelweis Career Day is the University’s independent career fair attended by not only organisations engaged in scientific work, but by scientific research companies working in the health market, as well.

The University is represented by pharmacy students at the National Pharmaceutical Students’ Conference, with the cooperation of the Hungarian Pharmaceutical Students Association (HUPSA).


The lives of students attending Semmelweis University are not just about learning and mastering their profession. Every year, the Students’ Union (HÖK) is committed to meeting the needs of students through a number of programs and events, helping them throughout their university lives. During the semester, the night events are held in many different locations, with disc jockeys and music performers, which are always very popular not only among Hungarian but also international students!

It is worth visiting the party page of the Students’ Union (HÖK), where up-to-date information about current events is constantly available. Facebook →  |  Instagram → 

Term opening party

This is an event that students from all faculties of the university attend, regardless of grade, to open the semester ahead of them with an unforgettable evening. The home of the event is usually the Aquarium Club where guests can expect 3 different music styles and live concert performers in 3 halls.

Retro parties

During the semester, we return to the phenomenal hits of the ’80s,’ 90s, and 2000s at several parties to enjoy the night out as part of a retro party.

Second year afterparty

Every year, students celebrate that their second year has been successfully completed. 

White Coat Ceremony afterparty 

One of the most dignified moments of medical students entering their clinical studies is when they take over their white cloak as a sign of the well-deserved success of their work. After this ceremonial handover, students attend an unforgettable afterparty, where they can toasat to their success.


Summoning the Bavarian traditions and bringing them to Budapest, we hold an event called Octoberfest every year. There is never a shortage of beer and pretzels there!


One of the busiest events of the year. On every occasion, students dress in more and more terrifying costumes and take possession of the streets and entertainment venues of Budapest together.

Exam burial

This party marks the end of the exam period. After a lot of work and persistent learning, everyone deserves a little rest and fun. 

Freshman Events

Organized by the Students’ Union (HÖK), Freshers’ Meet is the first event where newly admitted students can get to know each other after the entrance exam result announcement. Every year at the Center for Theoretical Medicine (EOK) there is a joyful event that starts with a quiz and a playful introduction. During the afternoon, freshmen can gain an insight into the everyday life of the university. Representatives of the Students’ Union (HÖK) also introduce themselves and answer all questions, passing on a lot of useful information to their fellow students.

The Freshers’ Camp at Semmelweis University, organized jointly by the Students’ Union (HÖK) and the Instructor Self-Active Group (IÖCS), is held every year in mid-August in the picturesque Tata. Thanks to the long camp, many friendships are already born here that can accompany you for a lifetime.
Newly admitted students will receive an invitation from the camp organizers and a Freshman News together with the first information letter sent out by the University. (Freshers’ News 2021 can be accessed by clicking here.) The invitation includes important details about the camp, how to apply, and the contact information of camp organizers and faculty leaders who can be reached at any time if questinos arise about the camp. During the Forum Day, you could also get to know the Rector, Deans and some of your future teachers.

Every freshman has the opportunity to experience the transformation of the Theoretical Block at Nagyvárad Square into a magical place. The Freshman Ball will be opened by a solemn waltz of the newly admitted students. Several well-known bands and DJs create the necessary atmosphere.