The patient representatives are appointed by the National Centre for Patients’ Rights and Documentation.

The activities of patient representatives comprise but are not limited to the following:

  • help patients in obtaining health documentation, formulating related remarks and questions,
  • help patients formulate their complaints and can initiate the investigation of those,
  • based on the patient’s written approval they can issue a complaint at the director of the healthcare service provider 
  • manage issues related to patients’ medication, mediate with respective authorities and represent patients during such procedures.

Contact information:
Address: H-1134 Budapest, Tüzér u. 33. 2nd floor
Phone: +36 1 8969 000
Toll-free number: +36 80 620 055
International number: +36 20 489 9614

The names and contact details of the patient representatives working at the departments and patient care units of Semmelweis University can be found on the websites of the departments and institutes, as well as on the notice boards in the buildings.