More than 250 years of excellence

Semmelweis University is a leading institution of higher education in Hungary and the Central European region within the area of medicine and health sciences. Its main commitment is the integrity of education, research and healing, which makes the more than 250-year-old Semmelweis University an internationally recognized center of knowledge. As a specialist university, it holds a unique place within the country.

Semmelweis University
More than 250 years in the service of health
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Inspiring educational environment, future-proof technologies

A truly international community, programs are offered in three languages (Hungarian, English, German). The number of our students is almost 16,000 and is constantly growing. A third of our students come from 5 continents of the world with the aim of continuing their studies with us at the University’s six faculties. Semmelweis University is an employer of more than 12,000 employees and is involved in higher education vocational training, specialist postgraduate training, higher education vocational training, the cultivation of the next generation of scientists, and nurturing talent. 

Patient care at the highest level

In addition to teaching, Semmelweis University is the largest provider of health care services in Hungary. Even though practical teaching takes place at the university’s clinics and hospitals, they provide the highest quality patient care services at the same time. Most of the departments cater for the most serious cases and patients requiring complex treatment, thus making the university a national health care provider.

Research focusing on knowledge and innovation

Research, development, and innovation comprise an important part of the University’s three-fold mission. The target of research at the university are early diagnostics and therapy, disease prevention and active ageing. Many of its professors are members of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, with close collaboration between the two institutions in numerous areas. The University organises international conferences and is represented on numerous international scientific boards. Its academic reputation is well-regarded around the world.

Semmelweis University’s strategy for 2024

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