The Faculty of Health and Public Administration offers a wide range of programs in the fields of health policy, health management, individual and community mental health and health informatics, in Hungarian. Our primary goal is to offer an academic home for organizational, community and personal development in the areas of education, research, social science innovation and consultancy.

Degree programs in Hungarian

  • Bachelor of Science in Health Informatics;
  • Master of Science in Health Services Management;
  • Master of Arts in Social Work – in this program, students’ competences are further developed in the areas of the practice of social work, leadership and research.

Postgraduate Specialization Programs in Hungarian

  • Executive Health Services Management – this program is also offered in the Slovak Republic (taught in Slovakian), in collaboration with the Health Management Academy;
  • Special Qualification Program in Mental Health –  a graduate level correspondence course for helping professionals;
  • Special Qualification Program in Mental and Spiritual Counseling – the goal of this program is to further educate those who already hold a degree in faith traditions social sciences and/or humanities, to strengthen their own mental health and to develop their interpersonal skills;
  • Specialized Training Program for Preparation for the Lactation Consultant Exam.