Semmelweis University established the Clinical Centre in order to maintain the safety of patient care, and to organize and ensure the continuity of healthcare services of the highest quality and progressivity. The president of the Clinical Centre is responsible for the organization of the relevant healthcare service.

President of the Clinical Centre 
Dr.  Attila Szabó
Vice-Rector for Clinical Affairs 

The Office of the President of the Clinical Centre is the organizational unit of the president, which assists him in the exercise of his powers, and performs the administrative tasks defined by law as well as the Organizational and Operational Rules.

The Office of the President of the Clinical Centre

Head of Office:
Dr. Csilla Janik

Bettina Hóra – Administrative Coordinator
Tibor Molnár
Dr. Tímea Rigó

Contact details

Address: H-1085 Budapest, Üllői street 26., 1st floor 104.
Phone number: +36 1 459 1500 / 55200

The Clinical Centre includes all the university departments, also known as Health Care Units that provide curative, preventive and rehabilitative patient care, as well as other organizational units that perform tasks directly related to the provision of healthcare services.

The president of the Clinical Centre directs the Directorate-General for Medicine.
The president is assisted by the Board of the Clinical Centre and the Council of the Clinical Centre.