The University’s Department of Physical Education

Semmelweis University offers a wide range of sporting opportunities for students. Physical education classes are compulsory at most faculties during the first four semesters. The various training sessions (water polo, volleyball, basketball, handball) and optional sports activities (judo, aerobics, yoga, tennis, frisbee, zumba) further add to the variety of options. P.E. classes last 60 minutes and are held once a week. They offer basic and intermediate training in various sports.

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University sports clubs and teams

Besides the obligatory sports courses, the University offers sporting opportunities on a more advanced level. The University has its own volleyball, basketball, handball, football, cheerleader- and water polo teams. It is worth enrolling at the beginning of the semester but in most cases, you can join the teams during the semesters as well. Preparation for competitions usually involves 2-3 practice sessions a week.

Medic Cup

The Medic Cup is the biggest sport event in the Academic Year. During the tournament teams from the four Hungarian Medical Universities play against each other in handball, volleyball, basketball, soccer and water polo for several days, and of course they are accompanied by the electrifying cheerleading teams of the universities, as well. The spirit of the games, the sound of the ultras and drums are essentials in the event and at night you can attend parties with hundreds of students all night long. In 2022 Semmelweis University won the cup. In 2023 the 50th Medic Cup will be held in Budapest, organized by Semmelweis University.  

Sport events

There are many sport related event organized by the Students’ Union. Read more here →

Discounts for other sporting facilities and opportunities

Apart from the sporting opportunities provided by the university, there are other independent sporting facilities that the students of Semmelweis University can use for discounted prices. The list of discounted cultural and sporting facilities are continuously updated.

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