Semmelweis University is unique among Hungarian universities teaching health sciences. With a history of over 250 years, it has amassed an enormous amount of knowledge, and has granted diplomas to over 100,000 students, many of whom are renowned specialists in their respective fields. The University’s eminent personalities and scientific results are recognised around the world. The training programs – offered in three languages – provide up to date and thorough preparation for its more than 13,000 students in response to the challenges of the modern age.

Postgraduate programs, prestigious conferences, research scholarships, international partnerships, vibrant cultural and sports life, and numerous other opportunities aid professional and further development, and provide careers for life to the most talented. Semmelweis University’s talent support programs provides additional mentoring to exceptional students.

Each year, over 1,500 students earn their diplomas from one of the Semmelweis University’s six faculties, and typically find their first jobs within three months of graduation.

Students of 110 countries from 5 continents study at Semmelweis University in the Academic Year 2022/2023.
Faculty Number of Students Number of International Students Ratio of International Students
Medicine 5 038 2 835 56%
Dentistry 1 009 500 50%
Pharmaceutical Sciences 887 238 27%
Health Sciences 4 130 825 20%
Health and Public Administration 671 32 5%
András Pető Faculty 357 32 9%
Department of Languages for Specific Purposes 58 1 1,7%
School of Ph.D. Studies 939 114 12%
Total: 13 089
4 577