Dr. Gabriella Dörnyei Bednárikné
Faculty of Health Sciences, Dean


  • 1985-1988  Budapest University of Technology, Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Department of Organic and Biological Chemicals, Budapest, BSc in Chemical Technical Engineering
  • 1988-1990 Budapest University of Technology, Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Biological Engineer, Budapest, MSc in Biological Engineering

Scientific Degree

2000    Candidate of Biological Sciences (PhD)
Title of dissertation: Intrinsic regulatory mechanisms of vein and venule tone – the role of the endothelium

Work experience

1990-1996 As a scholarship holder of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences for advanced scientific studies (Scientific Qualification Committee (II. Department of Biology)): SOTE, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Clinical Experimental Research – II. Institute of Physiology, Budapest
1996-2008 Research Associate, Semmelweis University (SU), Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Clinical Experimental Research and Human Physiology, Budapest
2008-2012 Assistant college professor, Semmelweis University, Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS), Institute of Morphology and Physiology, Budapest
2012- College professor, Semmelweis University, FHS, Institute of Morphology and Physiology, Budapest
2013- Honorary college professor, Semmelweis University, FHS, Institute of Morphology and Physiology, Budapest
2016-2020 Vice Dean for Scientific Affairs, Semmelweis University, FHS, Budapest
2020- Dean, Semmelweis University, FHS, Budapest

Study trips abroad

  • 1992. Department of Physiology, University of Birmingham, Birmingham B15 2TT, UK
  • 1993-1997. New York Medical College, Department of Physiology, Valhalla, New York 10595, USA
  • 2016. Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Nursing, Shanghai, China, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Culture 17 hours course
  • 2019. Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Erasmus mobility program

Educational activity:

  • Medical physiology in Hungarian and English (practices, consultations)

  • Teaching Clinical cardiovascular physiology elective course (classroom lectures)

  • Subject teacher of Applied chemistr

  • Applied chemistry (classroom lectures)

  • Subject teacher of applied physiology and pathophysiology

  • Applied physiology and pathophysiology (classroom lectures, practices)

  • Chapters on venous circulation and hemodynamics (elective course, classroom lectures)

  • Supervising the preparation of Students’ Scientific Association (TDK) works and the preparation of diploma theses and Rector’s thesis competition

  • PhD supervisor activity
  • Performing mentoring tasks

Performing the duties of reviewing professional journals:

  • Physiology International
  • Developments in Health Sciences
  • Phlebology

Memberships in scientific and other organizational and editorial committees:

1991- Hungarian Physiological Society
2000- Scientific Committee of Molecular Biology, Genetics and Cell Biology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, member of the public body
2005- Hungarian Society of Microcirculation and Vascular Biology
1999 Acta Physiologica Hungarica, Assistant Editor
2013- SU-FHS, Faculty Council, member
2013-2018 SU-FHS Committee on Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, Chairwoman
2013- SU-FHS Talent Council, member
2014-2017 SU Housing Employer Loan Claims Assessment Committee, member
2015-2019 SU Students’ Scientific Association Council, member
2019- SU Students’ Scientific Association Council, representative of institutes of Vas utca block
2015 Cost calculation project group of SU FHS, member
2015-2018 SU Appeals Committee, member
2016- SU University Scientific Council, representative of FHS
2016-2017 SU Committee Responsible for Chinese Relations, representative of FHS
2017- Health Science Council Traditional Chinese Medicine Commission, member
2017- SU Senate, representative of FHS
2017- SemmelweisScience and Innovation Fund Council, representative of FHS
2018- SU Alumni Board of Directors, member
2018- SU-FHS scientific contact (Special Person of Contact COHEHRE Research – Consortium of Institutes of Higher Education in Health and Rehabilitation in Europe)
2018- Developments in Health Sciences, member of the Editorial Board
2018 SU University Social and Equal Opportunities Committee, Interim Committee, Vice-chairwoman
2018- SU-FHS Lecture Notes Committee, member
2018- SE ETK Note Committee, member
2019-2020 Semmelweis250 Operations Committee, member
2019- SU Doctoral Council Study and Credit Transfer Committee,  chairwoman
2019- University of Physical Education Habilitation Committee, member
2020- SE-ETK Faculty Council, president
2021- Developments in Health Sciences, Deputy Editor-in-Chief
2021- Semmelweis University Sports Club Supervisory Committee, member
2021- Semmelweis University Foundation Board of Trustees, member
2022- SE Rector’s Cabinet, member


  • 2015 Outstanding Scientific Student Education – University Award
  • 2015 Mentoring Cup Award – Faculty Award

Childcare periods (3 children)

  • 2000-2002
  • 2005-2008

Language skills:

1997   English intermediate examination (type “C”)

Scientific publications:

List of Dr. Gabriella Dörnyei’s publications in the Hungarian Database of Scientific Works

ORCID ID: 0000-0001-7007-6252