Scientific student topics: work, dissertation, titles of rector’s dissertation Semmelweis University, Faculty of General Medicine, Department of Pulmonology

Consultant – Prof. Dr. Veronika Müller, DSc

Item titles:

  • Cellular stress in lung diseases
  • Interstitialis lung desease diagnostics and therapy

Consultant – Prof. Dr. Lilla Tamási, DSc

Itm titles:

  • Immunregulation in asthmatic pregnacy
  • Asthma and pregnancy

Consultant – Dr. Gábor Horváth, PhD

Item titles:

  • Assassment of sleep related airway disorders
  • Assassment of the bronchial circulation
  • Inhalation therapy of asthma and COPD

Consultant – Dr. Anikó Bohács, PhD

Item titles:

  • Interstitial lung diseases
  • Lung transplantation

Consultant – Dr. Tamás János Varga, PhD

Item titles:

  • Measurement of exercise intolerance with new techniques in chronic respiratory diseases
  • The effect of dynamic hyperinflation on circulation in COPD
  • Measurement of tissue oxygenation at rest and during exercise
  • The change of pulmonary circulation, dynamics of pulmonary pressure during exercise
  • Rehabilitation in Covid
  • The effectivity of perioperativ rehabilitation in lung cancer
  • Comparsion between the effectivity of different traning modality in COPD?

Consultant – Dr. József Lukácsovits, PhD

Item title:

  • Cardiovascular changes during non-invasive ventilation with different modalities

Consultant – Dr. Zoltán Süttő, PhD

Item title:

  • Ethical issues of cadaver organ donation: who is dead?

Consultant – Dr. Noémi Eszes, PhD

Item title:

  • Pulmonary manifestations of hematologic diseases

Consultant – Dr. Péter Horváth, PhD

Item title:

  • Biormarkers in respiratory disease
  • Novel approach to the preprocedural planning of invasive pulmonary interventious

Consultant – Dr. Zsófia Lázár, PhD

Item title:

  • Biomarkers in pulmonary hypertension

Consultant – Dr. Györgyi Csósza, clinical specialist

Item title:

  • Ergospirometry in pulmonary hypertension

Consultant – Dr. Edit Hidvégi, PhD

Item title:

  • Causes and frequency of severe allergic reactions in emergency care
  • Pollen-food allergy syndrome among severe asthmatic patients
  • Did the frequency of latex allergy increase during the last 10 years? Influence of COVID epidemic on allergology.