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We would like to inform you that study administration at our Clinic takes place in our new education room on the ground floor.

Clinical education organizer: Zsuzsanna Márta Ruzsás


All candidates are required to bring a photo identification card to the exam and present it before the exam.

Block education in pulmonology after the mitigation of the COVID-19 epidemic situation.


Requirements 2023-24 Pulmonology and Thoracic surgery

Reqiurements_2023-24 Cardiopulmonary clinical physiology and rehabilitation

Requirements_2023-24 Pulmonology 6-week advanced training_Requirements



Dear Medical Students!


With the easing of the epidemic situation, the teaching and assessment of the pulmonology subject will be as follows:


Lectures and exercises will also take place with personal participation at the clinic from May 17, 2021

The thoracic surgery module is according to the guidelines of the Department of Thoracic Surgery.

The exams take place in person during the third week of education at the clinic

Examination according to TVSZ.