The Department of Pulmonology is a top level (IIIb) pulmonary care institution in Hungary. Diagnostic laboratories include bronchology, chest ultrasound, digital X-ray, lung function, echocardiology, ECG, blood gas and acid-base, chemistry and haematology, mycobacteriology and sleep apnoe-hypopnoe diagnostics.

The Department takes care of all forms of respiratory diseases, including asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pneumonia, lung tuberculosis, interstitial lung diseases, primary and metastatic cancer of the lung and pleura, all forms of idiopathic and rare lung diseases, acute and chronic respiratory failure.

Our Department is the only center in Hungary where patients are selected for lung transplantation and transplanted patients are taken care for long-term. Medical rehabilitation is developing at the Department. Our Department treats 4000 in-patients and 16 000 out-patients annually. The multispecialty backgound is provided by different university departments of the Semmelweis University Medical Center. 

We are proud to support our patient organization groups:

CF patient advocacy group

Lung fibrosis patient advocacy group

Lung vessel patient advocacy group