Paediatric dentistry I.:

  1. Subject of pedodontics (pdf)
  2. Tooth development and primary anatomy
  3. Developmental anomalies of primary and permanent teeth / Developmental disturbances of primary and permanent and primary teeth
  4. Caries of primary teeth
  5. Consecutive illneses of caries in primary dentition -> Secondary disease primary dentition
  6. Filling materials in Pedodontics
  7. Caries and treatment of permanent teeth
  8. Psychological aspects of dental treatment in childhood (pdf)
  9. Indication of dental radiography in Pedodontics
  10. Mechanism of second dentition. Physiological and pathological significance.
  11. Root-canal treatment on immature teeth
  12. Possibilities of dental prevention in childhood
  13. Dental anomalies in syndromes

Paediatric dentistry II.:

  1. Special aspects of prevention in paediatric dentistry and orthodontics
  2. Complex therapy of traumatic injuries of permanent teeth
  3. Traumatic injuries of primary teeth
  4. Possibilities of anaesthesia in childhood
  5. Prosthetics in pedodontics
  6. Parodontology and oral diseases in childhood
  7. Administration of medicine in pedodontics
  8. Reasons and the treatment methods of the discolouration of the hard tissues
  9. The management of children with special needs
  10. Dental attendance of children suffering from general diseases
  11. Consultation

Orthodontics I.:

  1. Subject of orthodontics
  2. Terminology, History,  The history of orthodontics
  3. Diagnosis of malocclusions I.
  4. Diagnosis of malocclusions II.
  5. Etiology
  6. Biomechanical principles of orthodontics
  7. Concept and elements of anchorage
  8. Removable orthodontic appliances
  9. Elements of fixed appliances
  10. Hyrax, quad-helix, headger, pendulum, reverse headger
  11. Modern technics in orthodontics
  12. Space creation in orthodontics. Expansion of the arches and distalization of the molars
  13. Multibond technics I.
  14. Multibond technics II.
  15. The beginning of treatment

Orthodontics II.:

  1. Normooclusion. Local (Treatment of AngleI, local) and general (Treatment of AngleI, general)  anomalies. Classification and terminology of malocclusion
  2. Treatment of distoocclusion – Angle II.
  3. Possibilities of orthodontic prevention. Early treatment in orthodontics.
  4. Treatment of mesioocclusion
  5. Extraction in orthodontics.  +  Complex treatment of orthodontic anomalies combined with missing teeth
  6. Surgical-orthodontic treatments
  7. Complex therapy of cleft lip and palate
  8. Adult treatment
  9. Side effects and complications of orthodontic treatment.
  10. Retention and relapse
  11. Interdisciplinary aspects of orthodontic treatment.