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Theme for diplomawork

Diploma work /Thesis informant

Theme for diplomawork 2021/22

  1. Early treatment in orthodontics 
  2. Preprosthetic orthodontic treatment 
  3. Angle III. anomalies and treatment possibilities     
  4. Comparison of multiband technics                   
  5. Treatment of medically compromised children      
  6. Mechanism of secondary dentition                    
  7. Systemic diseases associated with dental anomalies 
  8. Cephalometric analysis       

 Theme for diplomawork 2020/2021

  1. Orthodontic treatment possibilities for adults                            
  2. Differential diagnosis of skeletal and dentoalveolar anomalies     
  3. Bracket types (Direct bonding)                                                    
  4. Importance of dietary modifications in pedodontics                                
  5. Caries in primary dentition. Therapy. Hall-Technique.                 
  6. Fluorosis: diagnosis, prevalence, therapy                                       
  7. Jaw-orthopaedic treatment of cleft patients                                  
  8. Myofunctional Trainer therapy in the interceptive orthodontics