Diploma work /Thesis informant

Theme for diplomawork 2024/2025

  1. Orthodontic treatment possibilities for adults                                 
  2. Differential diagnosis of skeletal and dentoalveolar anomalies      
  3. Bracket types (Direct bonding)                                                       
  4. Importance of dietary modifications in pedodontics                       
  5. Caries in primary dentition. Therapy. Hall-Technique.                   
  6. Fluorosis: diagnosis, prevalence, therapy                                        
  7. Jaw-orthopaedic treatment of cleft patients                                     
  8. Myofunctional Trainer therapy in the interceptive orthodontics    
  9. Open bite. Etiology, treatment possibilities                                      
  10. Treatment possibilities of local anomalies. Crossbite, infraocclusion, impaction, ectopy etc                              


Title 2021/22 Name
Treatment of Angle class I. anomalies QIAN Keyi
Importance of biomechanics in orthodontics HOSSEINI TABATABAEI Seyyed Emad
Functional appliances: indication, treatment methods MOUSAVI Seyedamirhossein
Treatment possibilities of numerical anomalies in dentition KHORSHIDIAN Artman
Indication of root canal treatment during childhood YAN Kexin
Traumatic injuries: complex therapy in permanent dentition RAHIMI DAREHCHI Naghmeh
Extraction in pedodontics and orthodontics SHOJAZADEH Saghar
Miniimplants in orthodontic treatment SALJOUGHIAN-ESFAHANI Pardis
The importance of anchorage in orthodontics GHADIRI Tina