On October 27th, at the 54th Freshmen’s Ball, co-organized by the Semmelweis Student Union (HÖK) and the Instructor Volunteer Group Association (IÖCS), Hungarian and international first-year students partied together in the Theoretical Block (NET), evoking the atmosphere of outer space. The newly admitted students’ most awaited university event was opened by Rector Dr. Béla Merkely.

On the occasion the Freshmen’s Ball jointly organized by HÖK and IÖCS, NET was decorated with stars in accordance with the theme “Stellar Ball” so that the participants could feel “under the night sky”. Both Hungarian and international students took part in the event, as the university, including the organizers, put even more emphasis this year on building more and closer intercultural relations within Semmelweis University.

The ceremony was opened by Rector Dr. Béla Merkely, who emphasized that medicine and health science is perhaps the most wonderful profession in the world, which requires lifelong learning, humility, diligence and sacrifice. He highlighted that Semmelweis University is not only the best university in the country and the region, but also unique in the world as a university of medicine and health sciences. “The prestigious Times Higher Education list places us in the top 300, which puts us in the top 1 percent of higher education institutions. Our goal is to enter the top 100 and among the 5 best medical universities in Europe – and for this I am counting on your knowledge, diligence and perseverance,” said the Rector. He reminded that only students with excellent results are admitted to Semmelweis University, and Semmelweis courses traditionally have the highest admission score. During the past more than 250 years, our institution has always represented quality, the highest degree of excellence in the fields of education, healing and research and innovation, he pointed out. Dr. Béla Merkely also highlighted that this year’s theme of the event, the “Stellar Ball”, also symbolizes the infinite distance that students can reach with the help of their studies and science: the diversity they can learn about; the unknown, which, in the field of medicine and health science, they will try to explore like astronauts the mysteries of the galaxy.

Speaking to the first-year students, President of the Student Union Csenge Gecsey said they are already officially students of the most prominent university in the country, and they have become members of the Semmelweis family in spirit. “Be brave and persevere, as the coming period holds many surprises for you. It is important to enjoy not only the goal, but also every moment of the journey,” she said.

True to tradition, the Pro Juventute Universitatis awards were presented at the Freshmen’s Ball, which was this year handed over to László Nagy, Director of the Education-Network Management Directorate, Dr. Bálint Tripolszky, Dr. Félix Takács, Dr. Patrik Kreuter, Dr. Norbert Völcsei and Dr. Attila Szűcs by Rector Dr. Béla Merkely and President of the Students’ Union Csenge Gecsey, in recognition of their activities for the students of the university.

The program was opened by the international students with their waltz. More international students took part in the event this year than last year, which is also due to the fact that HÖK and the voluntary groups work in an increasingly close working relationship to ensure that foreign students become even more involved in university life, thus making their stay here easier and helping their integration. The opening waltz was followed by the dance of the instructors, which was appreciated by the audience with huge applause.

In the rest of the program, those present could listen to András Szőke’s panpipe production, Levente Somogyi’s piano performance, and Zsófia Hajdú’s vocals. They won the trust of the organizers at the event called “Stars are Born”, the Freshmen’s Ball pre-selection event organized for the first time this year. Finally, the Hungarian students danced a waltz, and according to tradition, the musical program ended with professor-student dances. Thanks to the Moving Pictures Creative Instructors (MAKI), the unmissable freshman film was also shown to the audience, which transported all first-years and the instructors back to the “Olympic” Freshman Camp for a few minutes.

As in all balls, music and dance played the main role. NET opened its doors at eight o’clock to senior students and the guests of freshmen. The good atmosphere was ensured not only by the IÖCS DJs, but also by the four-member band Aniline, a favorite of the audience at “Stars are Born”. Blahalujziána performed in the decorated hall – the band’s music represents a special style with its unique combination of indie, beat and other musical trends. Then the popular Roma folk band Parno Graszt took over the stage. They conjured up a party with a great atmosphere, evoking the atmosphere of the countryside, the sound of rattling carts – there was no participant left who did not step on the dance floor.

True to tradition, a raffle was also organized, one of the main sponsors of which this year was Mediwears. Those born under the lucky star could once again win many valuable gifts. As usual, the proceeds from the purchase of raffle tickets were donated to charity by the organizers.

If you were unable to attend the Freshmen’s Ball or already miss Semmelweis events, there is no need to despair, because there will be countless programs before the exam period. The next big events will be the Tömő Party, NET Run, QuizNight, Semmelweis Together, Winter Break and the 3rd round of Beerpong, which are also waiting for students who wish to have fun.

More information, photos and programs are available on the social media platforms of the Student Union (HÖK) and the Instructor Volunteer Group Association (IÖCS)!


Bernadett Bódi, Márk Havasi, Petra Csanádi, Alexandra Pop
Photo: Bálint Barta – Semmelweis University
Translation: Mária Sánta

This article was prepared by the Student Union of Semmelweis University.