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“These IT labs were renovated a few years ago, the walls and doors were painted in the three primary colours (red, green and blue) corresponding to the RGB coding in computer science.”, said Gergely Marosi, faculty member of the Institute of Digital Health Sciences (DEI).

All three IT labs in the Nagyvárad tér Theoretical Building (NET) are running on full capacity with 70 computers in total. The red room has been expanded thus it has become the largest. Apart from the students of the Institute of Digital Health Sciences, who study web development and measurement technology here, lessons on general informatics and biostatistics are also held for the students of the faculties of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Not only lessons but exams are held in the labs as test exams have become more and more popular.

“During the renovation glass panels were built in the doors, making the rooms brighter and it can be clearly seen when classes are held in the labs.”, he said.



In the skill lab, which has also recently been refurbished, students of the Institute of Digital Health Sciences writing their thesis or doing work within the Students’ Scientific Association have the opportunity to test brand new smart devices used in health care.

“One of the most important feature of the lab is that it is easily transformed and rearranged; while the colourful chairs and desks reflect the philosophy of the Institute: interactivity and cooperation in education.”, he said.

Gergely Marosi has been teaching basic computer science for four years at the Institute of Digital Health Sciences, where health managers are trained. The objective for the Institute’s graduates is to create a bridge between doctors and IT professionals, as they can understand and communicate in both languages of the two fields.

“We want to train practitioners who can provide efficient support during IT development and can work together with those involved in patient care. Technology constantly creates new opportunities for healing, which makes health care workers face new challenges. We prepare our students for helping physicians face and overcome these challenges.”, Gergely Marosi said.

This philosophy is perfectly reflected by the motto of the Institute: data saves lives.

Bernadett Bódi
Photo: Attila Kovács – Semmelweis University
Translation: Ágnes Raubinek

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