Semmelweis University hosted a trilateral joint conference with its strategic partners, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität from Freiburg and Ruprecht-Karls-Universität from Heidelberg. The three universities hold scientific symposiums every two years and this year Semmelweis Salon accommodated the event on 12th and 13th June.RS31989_KA-20150612-ka-20150612-IMG_8195-scr

Students who had formerly been granted scholarship, the leaders and distinguished experts of the three universities gave presentations on their research activities and results. The motto of the event was „Gesundes Leben und aktives Altern – Healthy Life and Active Ageing” and the presentations gave insight into research results and the latest trends in the field of Pathology, Urology, Psychosomatic Medicine and Oncology.

RS31994_KA-20150612-ka-20150612-IMG_8140-scrIn her opening speech Dr. Mária Judit Molnár, Vice-Rector for Scientific Affairs emphasized the importance of the collaboration that has been active since 1983. The partnership has greatly contributed to the development of Semmelweis University’s educational and clinical activities and encouraged the opening of its German language programme in 1983. Dr. Mária Judit Molnár mentioned the underlying potential of these symposiums which enable the institutions to get acquainted with one another’s research portfolio and may open up new areas of collaboration.

RS31991_KA-20150612-ka-20150612-IMG_8182-scrProf. Dr. Hans-Günther Sonntag, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and coordinator of the partnership with Semmelweis University between 1983 and 2004 greeted the participants on behalf of the University of Heidelberg. Prof. Dr. Kerstin Krieglstein, the newly elected Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Freiburg expressed her pleasure to be witness to such a well-operating partnership for the first time.

At the opening ceremony Dr. Peter Schirmacher, director of the Department of Pathology in Heidelberg and Dr. Michael Wirsching, director of the Psychosomatic and Psychiatric Department in Freiburg were bestowed the Pro Universitate award, thus acknowledging their commitment to fostering the partnership and aiding Semmelweis University’s advancement.

The opening ceremony was followed by thematic sections and “Speed Meetings” which enabled specialists of psychosomatic medicine, urology and pathology to identify further areas of collaboration among the three universities.

RS31988_KA-20150612-ka-20150612-IMG_8209-scrThe three universities have organised scientific symposiums since the beginning of the 90s. Since 2007 the main focus of the conferences has shifted to young researchers of the three institutions allowing them to present their scientific results in front of a broader scientific community. The joint conferences are held every two years at different venues, Freiburg being the host in 2013 and Heidelberg organising the event in 2011. The next symposium is going to be held in Heidelberg in

Marica Wild, Directorate of International Relations
Photos: Marica Wild, Attila Kovács – Semmelweis University
Translated by: Ágnes Raubinek