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Lectures will be held for two hours (100 minutes without break) weekly, starting at 8.10 AM every Friday in the main lecture hall of the Department. Occasionally, the lecture will be delivered in the library or exceptionally in the lecture hall of the 1st Department of Pathology and Experimental Cancer Research. In the first semester selected chapters of obstetrics and in the second semester those of clinical genetics and gynecology will be presented. Besides textbook data, the latest clinical and scientific results will be discussed. The content of the official textbooks (Essentials of Obstetrics and Gynecology) and that of the lectures and practices will be required at the examination.

1st semester: Obstetrics

  Date Title Keywords Lecturer
2 2019.09.13 Maternal changes during pregnancy Physiologic changes in different organ systems during pregnancy Ákos, CSABA
1 2019.09.20 Periconceptional period The menstrual cycle. Conception. Early pregnancy Gyula Richárd, NAGY
3 2019.09.27 Prenatal care Factors of care during pregnancy, screenings Artúr, BEKE
4 2019.10.04 Ultrasonography, Fetal monitoring Basics of US examinations, screenings, sonoanatomy
Methods of examining fetal well-being during pregnancy and delivery
Gábor, SZABÓ
5 2019.10.11 Labor and delivery Physiology of birth giving, phases of labor and delivery Ákos, CSABA
6 2019.10.18 Pathological delivery Abnormalities of labor and delivery and their management Artúr, BEKE
7 2019.10.25 Operative delivery Obstetric operations, cesarean section, vacuum extraction Gyula Richárd, NAGY
8 2019.11.08 Puerperium Normal and abnormal postpartum period Sára, BALOGH
9 2019.11.15 Pregnancy pathology I. Hypertensive diseases in pregnancy. Praeeclampsia Gábor, SZABÓ
10 2019.11.22 Pregnancy pathology II. Diabetes in pregnancy. Other maternal diseases in pregnancy Erzsébet, SZATMÁRI
11 2019.11.29 Pregnancy pathology III. Premature delivery. Intrauterine growth retardation Gyula Richárd, NAGY
12 2019.12.06 Twin gestation Etiology, management and delivery of twins Dóra, MELICHER
13 2019.12.13 Neonatology Basics of neonatology Ágnes, HARMATH


2nd semester: Genetics & Gynecology

  Date Title Keywords Lecturer
1 2020.02.07 Genetics I. Genetic counseling, congenital anomalies Gyula Richárd, NAGY
2 2020.02.14 Genetics II. Prenatal diagnostic methods Gyula Richárd, NAGY
3 2020.02.21 Gynecological endocrinology Basics of endocrinology. Menstrual disorders Ákos, MURBER
4 2020.02.28 Inflammatory diseases in OB&GYN Vulvo-vaginal infections. STD. Pelvic inflammatory diseases Sára, BALOGH
2020.03.06 Infertility problems Sterility, infertility. Assisted reproduction János, URBANCSEK
6 2020.03.13 Endometriosis Diagnosis and management of endometriosis.
Polycystic ovary syndrome
Attila, BOKOR
7 2020.03.20 Major gynecological benign diseases Uterine fibroids, Bartholin diseases, cervical lacerations etc. Gyula Richárd, NAGY
8 2020.03.27 Gynecological oncology I. Screening, diagnosis and management of cervical cancer Gyula Richárd, NAGY
9 2020.04.03 Gynecological oncology II. Ovarian neoplasms: pathology, diagnosis and treatment Szabolcs, MÁTÉ
10  2020.04.17 Gynecological oncology III. Neoplasms of the vulva, vagina and uterine corpus
Principles of cancer therapy: chemotherapy, irradiation
Szabolcs, MÁTÉ
11 2020.04.24 Contraception Methods of contraception Gyula Richárd, NAGY
12 2020.05.08 Menopause Perimenopausal changes. Hormone replacement therapy Sára, BALOGH
13 2020.05.15 Urogynecology Genital prolapse. Urinary incontinence. Diagnosis and treatment Gyula Richárd, NAGY