Semmelweis University successfully defended the title it won last year, and also won the overall competition again as the organizer of the 50th Medic’s Cup. With strong play and excellent timing, athletes of Semmelweis finished on top of the podium in six of the eight team events in the five sports. On the first weekend of April, thousands of students from the country’s four medical and health science universities celebrated the love of sport and the sense of community together, fulfilling the half century-old dream of the cup’s founders.

Semmelweis University, the organizer of the jubilee event defended its title on home soil, thus retaining the Medic’s Cup, which it won last year in Pécs. The competition, which was launched half a century ago, brings together students from four universities (Semmelweis University, University of Szeged, University of Pécs, University of Debrecen) in five sports (handball, basketball, volleyball, football, water polo).

This year Semmelweis won the first place in women’s basketball, men’s handball, men’s and women’s volleyball, men’s and women’s football, and water polo. Its students also won the title of the most technical, highest scoring player in several sports. The teams arrived to Budapest for the jubilee year with more enthusiastic fans than usual, and even more determined players than usual. Matches were played in a fantastic atmosphere with a full house, which was also highlighted by the Rector of Semmelweis University, Dr. Béla Merkely, in his speech.

I have never had the pleasure of seeing such a fantastic fan base; a huge thank you to all the university supporters.

The Rector also thanked the competitors.

We, who have been preparing for almost a year to make the 50th Medic’s Cup a memorable event, received the most wonderful gift from you: a fantastic game and a great competition, which is a result of high-level sports activity. I am grateful for these wonderful two days.

Results of the 50th Medic’s Cup overall points competition:

Semmelweis University – Lions 35 points
University of Debrecen – Phoenixes 22 points
University of Pécs – Bulls 16 points
University of Szeged – Gorillas 15 points

According to Kornélia Várszegi, Director of the Physical Education and Sports Centre, earning the Medic’s Cup again is the result of a long and elaborate preparation process. “In addition to the fact that it is the 50th anniversary of the event and that it is being held at home, the support of the well-organized team of fans was a huge motivation for the athletes,” she explained. The director added that for Semmelweis University students, the Medic’s Cup is the culmination of the whole contest season. “They prepare for this event all year round, as it is the most important tournament for them, where they can reap the fruits of their labour,” she said.

Csenge Gecsey, Vice President of the Students’ Union (HÖK) responsible for event planning pointed out that more than 4,000 people participated in the tournament. According to her, the Students’ Union has been intensively preparing for the event since last September, which is also of particular importance to the students. Csenge Gecsey made a special mention of the atmosphere at the Medic’s Cup. “Whether it was the matches or the parties, it felt like we were at a festival. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the spirit of this event,” she said. The Vice President thanked her fellow students who were involved in the smooth execution of the event and added that they handed over the task to the University of Debrecen, which will organize the 51st Medic’s Cup next year.

As the leading medical and health sciences university in the country and the region, the mission of Semmelweis is not only to train excellent professionals, but also to ensure that students spend their free time in a meaningful and healthy way. This is why students in most faculties have compulsory physical education classes throughout their training. In addition to the university’s own volleyball, basketball, handball, futsal, cheerleading and water polo teams, Semmelweis University Sports Club offers a wide range of further sports opportunities.

Zsófia Végh, Ádám Szabó
Translation: Viktória Kiss
Photo: Bálint Barta, Attila Kovács – Semmelweis University