Semmelweis University, the university’s sports club, and Semmelweis Premium have signed a cooperation agreement with the Hungarian Tennis Federation (MTSZ) and the Hungarian Medical Tennis Society (MOTT) to organize the 53rd World Medical Tennis Championships, starting at the end of July. More than three hundred doctors and dentists from Europe, America, and Asia are expected to participate in the international tournament.
Csilla Sütő, Secretary General of the Hungarian Tennis Federation; Dr. Béla Merkely, Rector; Dr. Lívia Pavlik, Chancellor

MOTT has won the World Medical Tennis Society’s (WMTS) tender to organize the 2024 World Medical Tennis Championships, making this the third time after 1990 and 1998 that Hungary will host the international sporting event. The tournament will be held in Budapest from July 27 to August 2, 2024.

Semmelweis University is highly committed to a healthy lifestyle and preserving health and has always promoted the sporting life of its students and staff.

Besides their studies and profession, Semmelweis Citizens also excel in sports: The university sports clubs place highly in regional and university-college championships.

“I firmly believe that regular exercise is not only essential for good health, but also improves teamwork and perseverance. Both are key to our profession, medicine and health sciences. Therefore, I am very pleased and proud that in 2024 Semmelweis University will be the main organizer of the 53rd World Medical Tennis Championships and Congress,” said Dr. Béla Merkely, Rector of Semmelweis University, who will also play in the men’s doubles alongside Dr. Gábor Bondár, champion of the men’s singles open at the 1986 WMTS championships. 

More than three hundred doctors and dentists from all over the world, including America and Asia, have pre-registered for the international sporting event.

During the world championships, Semmelweis University will not only provide operational assistance to the Hungarian Tennis Federation and the Hungarian Medical Tennis Society but will also be available to the organizers and participants in case of sports-related issues or in the event of sports injuries. The matches will be held at two venues, the Park Teniszklub and the Muskétás Teniszcentrum, and are open to the general public.

As an accompanying event to the World Championships, an English-language scientific conference on sports cardiology will be organized on July 29 at the Városmajor Heart and Vascular Center with the participation of renowned Italian, Austrian, and Hungarian speakers.

The event is sponsored by OTP Bank, Gedeon Richter Plc., 77 Elektronika, and the Municipality of Debrecen.

Orsolya Dávid
Translation: Judit Szabados-Dőtsch
Photo by Bálint Barta – Semmelweis University, featured image: Envato Elements