The part of the Organisational and Operational Rules (SZMSZ) concerning the Student Requirements System and the Study and Examination Regulations have been amended, and the Board approved the proposal for the acquisition of the business entity necessary for the purchase of the office building at 22 Baross Street.

A decision was taken on the amendment of the Organizational and Operational Rules. As part of this, the coordination of clinical research will be transferred to the Clinical Centre (KK): the Central Coordination Office for Clinical Research will be established within the KK, with the expansion of the Directorate for Health Management, retaining the already common name of 4K. The organisation of the Directorate General for Technical Affairs will also change, with the logistics department coming directly under the Director General within the unit.

The senators were informed about organisational changes below the level of the Board.

The Senate adopted the proposal for the acquisition of the business share of the BC22 Office Building, at 22 Baross Street. The infrastructure developments necessary to fulfil the public service mission will be carried out through the acquisition of the project company that owns the property, thus ensuring cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

A decison was taken to amend the part of the SZMSZ concerning the Student Requirements System and the Study and Examination Regulations which was justified by the need to adapt and clarify the internal university practices to the legal environment and to regulate the specificities of each faculty, while maintaining the general provisions covering all faculties. The most important changes concern, among other things, the aptitude test before internship, the posterior change of an active semester into passive, as well as the information on a course in the Moodle system, and the conditions for obtaining a signature.


At the beginning of the meeting, Rector Dr. Béla Merkely presented the results of the electronic voting, in which the Board adopted twenty renewed regulations. In another electronic vote, the Senate also decided on four new regulations and on the purchase of hundred percent of the shares in the company owning the property at 22 Baross Street. The electronic vote of the Quality Improvement Board was also closed, where, among other things, the quality objectives of Semmelweis University for 2022/2023 were adopted.

From the autumn semester of the academic year 2022/23, the Semmelweis Symposium will be included as a criterion requirement in the curricula of the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Dentistry and the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The Senate also decided that students will receive one credit point for participation in the Medical and Health Sciences Section of the OTDK (18-21 April 2022), which was hosted by Semmelweis University.

Decisions were taken on the awarding of the Doctor Honoris Causa title and the Pro Universitate lifetime achievement award, and current management and teacher/researcher applications were reviewed.

Pálma Dobozi

Translation: Rita Kónya, Gábor Kiss