An exceptional admission procedure for students who are refugees from Ukraine has been added to the Study and Examination Regulations, the Senate decided at its April assembly. The board also decided to establish the Department of Pancreatic Diseases at the Városmajor Heart and Vascular Center and approved the annual accounts of the University in accordance with the Accounting Act.

In line with the digitalisation efforts of Semmelweis University, a new platform for the preparation and management of Senate proposals has been created, and the Senate voted on the necessary amendments to the Senate’s Rules of Procedure.

The senators reviewed the annual report of Semmelweis University for the period from 1 August to 31 December 2021, which – also in connection with the change of the university’s model – was supplemented with a public benefit report, in accordance with the legal requirements. The presentation details the assets and liabilities and financial position of the university as at 31 December 2021 and its results of operations for the period. The deadline for publication of the final accounts, approved by all forums, is 31 May.

The part of the Organisational and Operational Rules (SZMSZ) concerning the Study and Examination Regulations (TVSZ) has been amended in order to harmonise the rules for the diploma and its qualification in the Institute of Mental Health at the Faculty of Health and Public Services (EKK). In addition, the former Master’s degree in Family Sciences and Family Therapy has been renamed as the Interdisciplinary Master’s degree in Family Sciences and two new degrees have been added (Interactive Life Path Counselling for the Elderly and Marriage and Family Counselling).

An exceptional admission procedure for students who have fled from Ukraine has been added to the TVSZ. That means that because the humanitarian emergency the admission of the students concerned will be managed and assessed at the university level (instead of faculty level), and will be centralised and fast-tracked by the Centre for International Student Training (NHKK).

The board voted in favour of the creation of a Pancreatic Diseases Departmental Group, attached to the Városmajor Heart and Vascular Center, which will operate within the Division of Pancreatic Diseases, established on 1 August 2021, to provide comprehensive undergraduate and postgraduate training. The departmental group aims to present a collaborative, multidisciplinary working environment where students learn team-based therapeutic work among superspecialised specialists.

A new elective course, named “Demonstrator Tätigkeit – Erste Hilfe” has been created at the Faculty of Medicine from the first semester of the academic year 2022/2023, on the initiative of the Department of Emergency Medicine. The course prepares students to carry out demonstrator tasks, who can then support the teaching of the first-year German group.

The green light has been given to seek ministerial approval for the establishment of the BSc in Biostatistics and the MSc in Data Analysis Biostatistics, which will precede the initiation of the MAB (Hungarian Accreditation Board) review. This niche course would be implemented in cooperation with the University of Veterinary Medicine, under the leadership of Semmelweis University, as an accredited bachelor and master programme of the Faculty of General Medicine.

The rules of procedure of the Credit Transfer Committee at the Faculty of Health Sciences (ETK) may be amended to simplify the processing of applications.

Changes to the curriculum of the Institute of Mental Health at EKK for the interdisciplinary Master’s degree in Family Science, the Master’s degree in Lactation Consulting and the Master’s degree in Community and Family Mediation. For some subjects, there was a need to change the number of credits and hours, in some cases to split a subject into several semesters or to transfer it to another semester, and to change the way in which it is assessed.

The proposal on the establishment of a Master’s degree in Quality and Patient Safety Management at the Centre for Healthcare Management Training of EKK and its training and output requirements was adopted. This is a unique national extension and upgrading to Master’s level of the specialised training launched in 2016.

The Senate decided to amend the rules on the awarding of university honours and prizes and the procedure for the nomination of state awards. They expanded the list of those who can be awarded the Pro Universitate Lifetime Achievement Award and the Outstanding Teacher Award

At the April assembly, decisions were taken on the awarding of the Pro Universitate Lifetime Achievement Award, the Pro Universitate Award and the Semmelweis University Outstanding Teacher Awards, and the board also reviewed current research proposals.

Pálma Dobozi
Translation: Rita Kónya