Students will receive one credit point for online participation in the Transplant Today event, the Senate decided among others at its February meeting. It also adopted a report on the work of the standing committees with university-wide powers.

The Senate voted on the work plan for the first half of 2022. It was decided to amend the part of the Organizational and Operational Rules (SZMSZ) relating to the admission regulations, which had been necessitated by changes to the admission procedure for the Mental Health post-graduate course. In view of interest being multiple times the available positions, a preliminary written examination and its evaluation will precede the oral exam.

According to the Senate’s decision, online participation in the March 25 Transplant Today event will be worth one credit for students, who will be able to take the program as an elective. The event is in English, so it is open to all current students. (Click here to read our article on the event.)

The report on the work of the standing committees established by the Senate with university-wide powers was adopted, providing information on the activities of 10 bodies in the previous year. Half of the committees exercise powers relating to individual requests, mainly student matters, while the other five committees are concerned with various professional, scientific, research or organizational development activities.

The Senate also commented on current management and teaching-researcher applications.

Pálma Dobozi
Translation: Tamás Deme