The Senate has approved the university’s budget for 2022, which foresees an income of HUF 195 billion and an expenditure of HUF 191 billion. The planned revenues for 2022 are expected to be 20% higher than this year. The December meeting also saw the creation of the Family-friendly University Center, as part of the amendment of the Organisational and Operational Rules (SZMSZ), and the introduction of several elective subjects.

It was decided to amend certain provisions of the SZMSZ, introducing a number of technical changes required by the model change. In addition, it was laid down in the SZMSZ that the University Innovation Committee is the decision-making body for intellectual property management, and that the University Doctoral Council adopts the Regulations for the Cooperative Doctoral Program and its amendments, with the prior agreement of the rector and the chancellor. A new organizational unit has been created under the name of the Family-friendly University Center, which brings together the tasks related to the Family-friendly University Program, which were previously carried out by several different organizational units. Changes to the tasks and organizational structure of the Directorate General for Information Technology and the internal organizational structure of the Directorate General for Economic Affairs have been introduced in the SZMSZ.

The body voted in favor of the 2022 budget of Semmelweis University, which was developed according to the concept adopted at the meeting on November 2. The revenue of next year’s budget is HUF 195 billion, while expenditure is planned at HUF 191 billion.

The positive balance, including this year’s balance, is more than HUF 5 billion. The balance of the university strategic fund is HUF 4.5 billion and that of the renovation fund HUF 5.3 billion. HUF 16 billion is available for tenders, the RDI fund is HUF 2.8 billion within the operating budget, while the solidarity fund is HUF 5 billion, the renovation fund is planned to be HUF 4 billion and the risk fund around HUF 2 billion. Projected revenues for 2022 are 20% higher than projected revenues in 2021, while projected expenditure is expected to increase by 17%, with the largest item being staff costs. Increases are expected in all main revenue sources, including patient care, higher education financed through public service contracts, public education and vocational training, and foreign currency-based education. The funding amounts reflected in the public service financing contract resulting from the model change will increase significantly, by 233% compared to the original funding amount for this year, in line with the old and the new funding lines that will emerge.

The body voted on the evaluation of the application for the position of Head of the Psychiatry Departmental Group at the Asklepios Campus Hamburg (ACH), and senators also commented on the applications for the ACH’s Subject Leader, and the current applications for lecturers at Semmelweis University.

They decided on the introduction of compulsory and compulsory elective German-language terminology courses at the Faculty of Medicine from the 2nd semester of the 2021/22 academic year. Accordingly, the compulsory subject Medizinische Terminologie (Medical Terminology) will replace the former elective subject of the same name and Terminologie der klinikschen Fachgebiete (Terminology of Clinical Specialties) will be introduced as a new compulsory subject.

It was also decided to introduce a new elective course at the Faculty of Medicine from the second semester of the academic year 2021/2022 under the name “Pharmacokinetics, Drug Metabolism and Translational Pharmacology, Conference of the Hungarian Pharmacological Society”. “Green University – Together for our Environment” will be an elective subject in the framework of the Green University project from the spring semester. The aim is to increase students’ knowledge of environmental protection and to present the possibilities to protect our environment and our immediate health at individual and community level.

Pálma Dobozi
Translation: Tamás Deme